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Announcement on Hacker Site: Capture, Search Ban Lifted

by tenderpuls

According to new researches, in the last period when Turkey’s trust in the judiciary has decreased to 30%, the announcement published on a Turkish hacker platform surprised everyone. It is unclear how many people applied to the ad, which the Turkish hacker said that he lifted the ban on capture, search and travel abroad for 70,000 TL.

Turkish hacker forum It stunned those who saw the ad that appeared on one of their websites. In the advertisements on the site that can only be viewed by membership and where only “trusted” people can open an ad; It was stated that the bans of those who have arrest warrant and search warrant and those who have a ban on leaving abroad can be lifted for a total of 70 thousand TL in cash.

The relevant year of the transaction To 31 December It is unknown how the hacker, who guarantees that this process will “last”, carried out this process. However, these days, when trust in the judicial system is falling in public opinion polls, Forensic Informatics Expert and lawyer Levent MazılıgüneySo people with this ability are also involved in this illegal formation. It is a very dire situation. So what are the underlying reasons for turning to ‘stock market’ structures? It is an issue that I feel extremely sorry for as a lawyer. It is well known how much confidence in the judiciary has decreased. In this environment of insecurity, unfortunately, citizens do not think that their problems in the judiciary can be solved in the usual way and within a reasonable time. So much so that others who get positive results in the judiciary look differently and think that who is the man or with whom they are included in the ‘stock market’ organization.”He made a statement as.

‘You know what can happen if you run away without paying the money’

The person who opens the advertisement is scam If he realizes that he will be put into a situation, the people who will receive the service will: “You already know what can happen in situations such as running away from giving the remaining money”Warns. The following statements are included in the announcement;

As you read in the title, we are able to revoke the arrest, search and travel ban decisions on the person. You are completely searched or arrested with the decision of the prosecutor’s office. We are giving you a decision letter regarding this. We guarantee it will last until the end of the year in which the transaction is made, that is, December 31st. The process is as follows: You provide the file and TC information. We provide you with information based on availability. If there is a representative in Ankara, you send your attorney (lawyer). He meets with our attorney and detects the existence of the fee determined according to the file. Before the transaction, we start the transaction by buying 10,000 TL there from the prosecutor’s office in Ankara. We take the remaining money after the decision is delivered to you. (You already know what can happen in cases such as not giving the remaining money) Our cost for the average files is around 70.000 TL, depending on the type and number of the file, there may be changes in the price. “


BTK Detects IP Addresses of Hackers Carrying Out Cyber ​​Attack on Yemeksepeti

To date, it is not known how many people have purchased services through this advertisement or how the transaction took place. Levent Mazılıgüney He states that these people should be determined by the state and the necessary penalties should be given.

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https://www.indyturk.com/node/352641/haber/t%C3%BCrk-hackerlar%C4%B1n-siteinde-ilan-yakalama-arama-karar%C4%B1-ve-yurtd%C4%B1% C5% 9F% C4% B1-% C3% A7% C4% B1k% C4% B1% C5% 9F-law% C4% 9F% C4% B1

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