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Angel Face Devil Apps # 6: WhatsApp Plus

by tenderpuls

There are many apps that are not published by the official developer, are not available in online stores and therefore do not get stuck with security and privacy conditions. These applications, which we prefer due to their benefits or features, sometimes more harmful than we anticipated can happen.

Although its official application has recently begun to be mentioned with various privacy and security problems, WhatsApp is still one of the most used applications. Although it brings minor innovations with new updates from time to time, WhatsApp has lately lagged behind its competitors in terms of ‘new features’, which leads users to search for alternatives. Those who say I definitely want WhatsApp, take the remedy. WhatsApp Plus finds in third party applications such as.

So why is WhatsApp Plus preferred and why not?

WhatsApp Plus offers users options such as different themes, encryption feature and different fonts. For this reason, those who want a more customized messaging application turn to WhatsApp Plus. Unfortunately, the good features offered, quite insignificant besides the harms we can say it looks.

Like all applications of this kind, WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded and installed as APK, not from stores. This means that these applications Exempt from Google’s privacy and security criteria means it is. In other words, the developers of the applications can easily install malicious software on your phones, access all your information, messages, data and use them as they wish. This is exactly why such applications avoid seems like the best option.

If you wish to take a look at all the ‘devil’ features of WhatsApp Plus, it is for you to our video where we examine the application you can take a look.

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