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Harold, Hiding His Famous Breast Pain, Caught COVID

by tenderpuls

Hungarian origin Andras Arato, who has become a part of breast culture on the internet, has caught a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19). It was reported that Harold, who had COVID-19 very seriously, got the virus after being vaccinated.

We see her memes quite often on the internet and ‘Hiding His Pain, Harold ‘ we know as Andras Arato, He caught COVID-19. Pneumonia hospitalized with symptoms 76 year old It was reported that Arato received oxygen therapy and was then discharged.

Playing in many commercials Of Andras Arato facial expression “as if hiding his pain inside and trying to be happy “ It is known to be famous because of its appearance. However, he also loves to take pictures. But this time the really old man is a tough COVID passed the process. In an advertisement for a French grocery chain “thanking all healthcare professionals“The old man was again very naive.

Caught COVID after being vaccinated

76 year old Andras Aratocontracted the virus after the coronavirus vaccine. Unfortunately, after vaccination, her body antibody The old man who caught COVID before he could produce was hospitalized. As you know, experts in this field always average after the second vaccine After 20 to 40 days states that antibody production has begun.


The Story of the Old Man with a Sad Smile and a Recent Internet Phenomenon

Thanks to Harold Hiding His Pain, we have learned again the necessity of continuing to be protected from coronavirus after vaccination, because vaccinated people can also get COVID. a serious scientific reality contains. However, it is also of great importance which vaccine you have.


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