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NASA’s Site Couldn’t Withstand the Interest of Turkish Users

by tenderpuls

The website opened by NASA for the World Tournament collapsed when Turkish users flocked to vote for the Van Lake photo. The voting process could not be performed on the site in question for a while.

In a report we shared with you last week, NASA’s “World Tournament32 photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS) within the scope of a competition initiated under the name of “the best” and Van Lake photo that you made it to the finals in the competition we transferred.

With the photograph of the Lake Van in question making it to the finals Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu many important people and institutions, including the photo of Lake Van in NASA’s World Tournament competition. had called Due to the citizens who answered the two calls, the website that NASA opened for the competition collapsed.

The website earthobservatory.nasa.gov, caught unprepared for the intense interest of Turkish visitors, has become unusable. Until recently, users who entered the voting page and selected the Lake Van photo, said, “Submit Your Ballot“So”send the gameWhen they clicked on the ”button, they were greeted with the warning that the website could not serve.

nasa website

Fortunately, NASA has completed its work on the site and has reopened for use. You too here You can vote for the Van Lake photo, one of the two finalists in NASA’s World Tournament competition, and support him to win the contest.

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