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Microsoft Shared Gameplay Video of Age of Empires 4

by tenderpuls

Microsoft has released the gameplay trailer of Age of Empires 4, which is known to be upcoming. The published trailer shows that the best graphics in the Age of Empires series will be in this game. In addition, some of the 8 civilizations that are stated to take part in the game have also appeared in this video.

US-based technology giant Microsoft made a statement at the end of 2019, which will be the newest game in the Age of Empires series, one of the most well-known strategy games in the world.Age of Empires 4The company has not made a clear statement about the development process of the game until today, but instead provided small information about the developments. Now, about the upcoming Age of Empires 4. most important One of the developments happened; The gameplay video of the game was officially duplicated.

The gameplay video for Age of Empires 4 is the legend of the Age of Empires that it will be protected in general terms reveals. However, the developer team It will suit the year 2021 designed in a way. In other words, the best quality graphics you have seen in this series to date will take place in Age of Empires 4.

There will be 8 civilizations that can be used in the game

The information in the gameplay trailer of Age of Empires 4 can be used in the game. Some of the 8 civilizations has unearthed. Accordingly Age of Empires fans; They will be able to try to establish their own empire with the British, Chinese, Delhi, and Mongolian civilizations and other civilizations not yet disclosed. By the way, the civilizations to be used in the game unique cultural characteristics It should also be stated that they will have.


Tricks You Can Make History in Age of Mythology

Age of Empires, which is being developed by Relic Entertainment, a Canadian-based game developer, will attract a lot of attention with some details. For example, when a player plays Age of Empires 4, the soundtrack played That your English has changed will see. According to the developer’s comments, the reason for such a thing would increase the realism of the game. Accordingly, changing conditions over the years will have changed the music played in the language spoken in Age Of Empires 4. On the other hand, the thing that will increase the realism of the game the most is the Age of Empires 4. documentaries. So gamers have fun in Age of Empires 4. date information they can also increase.

Here is the gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4

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