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LG Announces Which Smartphones Will Get Android 13

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LG’s South Korean arm has made an official statement for devices that will receive an update to Android 12 and Android 13. Clarifying the statements made a while ago in this statement, the company said that it will offer the Android 13 update to only 3 models.

In a news we shared with you recently, we announced that they will withdraw from the smart phone industry. LGfrom a statement made by the company about device updates we mentioned. In this statement, the company promised that it would give its high-end phones 3 years of Android updates. A new statement from the South Korean arm of the company is Android 12 and Android 13 It serves as an official indication of the devices that will receive the update.

However, LG has a very clear history of device updates. that there is no It is necessary to say. Namely, the company kept its statements in South Korea within the borders of South Korea in the past years. In other words, although the company announced that it would provide updates for some of its devices, these updates did not reach countries other than South Korea. Consequently, the possibility that the last statement made may not leave South Korea. not to ignore is required.

According to LG, the devices that will receive the Android 13 update are as follows:

According to the official statement made by LG South Korea, devices that will receive Android 13 update, LG Wing, LG Velvet and LG Velvet LTE it will be. This situation may upset the existing LG users a little bit, because in the previous statements, it was implied that the number of devices that will receive Android 13 updates will be more. Some of the statements in the company’s V, G and Q series are Android 12 They will have to be content with the update.


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Explanations made, V50s, V50, G8, Q31, Q52 and Q92It is certain that it will receive an Android 12 update. However, according to LG, these updates can be issued. Googleshould not change the operating system requirements. If the company changes the compatibility status on this issue and declares that the operating systems can reach more powerful devices, the devices mentioned above may not receive Android updates.

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