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CS: GO Players Data Vulnerability

by tenderpuls

White hat hackers have detected a vulnerability originating from the Source engine and affecting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. According to hackers, this vulnerability could not be closed, although Valve has been known for 5 months.

A group of white-hat hackers calling themselves “The Secret Club”, Valve’s popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveannounced that they detected a strange vulnerability in. According to the statements made by hackers, this vulnerability was caused by the game engine named Source, and black hat hackers took advantage of this vulnerability and they could access all their data.

According to the statements made by The Secret Club members, hackers use Steam’s invitation system while taking advantage of this vulnerability. One that comes to him invitation confirming the user, on the other hand, surrenders all their information without even realizing that the incident is an attack. The Secret Club, as this may affect a small number of users. hundreds of users at once He expresses that he can also influence.

Valve learned about this vulnerability 5 months ago

White hat hackers state that they contacted Valve after detecting the vulnerability and made statements on the issue. However, Valve’s that you don’t care Stating that the hackers say that the gap has not been closed, a silencing campaign has been launched against The Secret Club. Valve, an official statement about neither this vulnerability nor the allegations of attempting to silence The Secret Club did not.


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Why the Valve team didn’t fix such an effective vulnerability, for now Unknown. However, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic, CS: GO, which has started to reach larger players again, seems to cause big events due to such a vulnerability. In particular, the number of instant players in the last 4 months To 740 thousand levels Time will tell when the rising Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will recover from this problem.

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