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Copying Text to Google Photos

by tenderpuls

The desktop version of Google Photos has gained a feature where you can copy all text found in images to your computer. With this feature, you will be able to copy the texts in the documents to your computer with a single click.

One of the largest technology companies in the world GoogleAlthough it provides great convenience, it is still one of the services that cannot reach the desired popularity, especially in our country. Google Lens made an important update for. With the aforementioned update, it makes it extremely easy to copy the texts in any image into a text file.

With the aforementioned update, Google is using the OCR tool, which we can translate as optical character recognition to Turkish. Google Photos to the desktop version of the service with Google Lens text recognition brings feature. In this way, you can open any photo or image in Google Photos and separate what is written on it as text.

How to use the “copy text” feature of Google Photos?

After you open the photo or image you want to copy the text on in the desktop version of Google Photos, the arrow shown in the screenshot above is “copy the text in the imageYou have to click on the ”button. Depending on the amount of text in the image, you may need to wait a few seconds to see the button in question.

Google Photos OCR 1

Copy the text in the imageAfter clicking the ”button, you will see that Google copies all the text in the image indiscriminately. If you want to copy a certain part of the text, not the whole text, in the screenshot above, the “arrow”deselect textYou can click the ”button.

Google Photos OCR 2

Deselect textWhen you click on the ”button, you will see that all the text in the picture remains in the text section on the right side of the screen, but the selections on the picture have been removed. In addition, the “deselect text” button on the top right is replaced by “Select allTo leave.

Google Photos OCR 3

In the picture only to select a text you want After deselecting the text, you need to get to the beginning of the section you want to copy and drag the mouse to the end of the text with your finger pressed on the left mouse button. In this way, when you mark the part of the text you want, you will see that it is highlighted in the text field on the right.

It is unquestionable that Google Lens is a useful tool, and the new tool coming to the web version of Google Photos, especially the constant a life-saving feature for users who scan documents may be. So what do you think about the new feature of Google Photos?

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