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A Faulty iPhone 11 Pro Sold for $ 2,700

by tenderpuls

An iPhone 11 Pro with an incorrect logo, allegedly put forward by Internal Archive, was sold for $ 2,700. Although there is no evidence of the accuracy of the claims, it is said to have at least 1 in 100 million rarity if they are true.

An application that will not adversely affect the user experience have a design flaw How much would you charge an iPhone with It seems like a person has a misprinted logo. iPhone 11 Pro has agreed to pay about 3 times the real price for.

Although the number of followers is low, many products were previously unknown photos of their prototypes According to Internal Archive, a relatively reliable Twitter account that shares the iPhone 11 Pro, the following photos are For $ 2,700 has found a buyer.

This is how the iPhone 11 Pro looks like, with the Apple logo incorrectly positioned;

Well, this iPhone 11 Pro, than a standard model “valuable“What exactly makes it? As you have noticed, the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro is a fabrication error. farther right than it should have been and turned a little counterclockwise case.

A visual comparison of how far the Apple logo is scrolling and rotating

The logo is faulty iphone 11 pro

As you can see in the comparison image above, the “faulty” iPhone 11 Pro will disturb symmetry patients a little. does not have an error that will affect usage. For this reason, the defective unit in question finds a buyer at a price of approximately 3 times its normal value.


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Internal Archive, the iPhone 11 Pro 1 in 100 millionclaims to be an even rarer device, perhaps. To be honest, the “faulty” iPhone 11 Pro, whose photos we shared above. real or photoshop product There is not even enough evidence to understand that it is happening. So it’s hard to talk about the possibility that Apple actually made such a mistake during production.

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