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WWE 2K22 Announced at the WrestleMania Event

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Gözümüz Yollarda Kaldı: WWE 2K22'nin Rey Mysterio'lu İlk Tanıtım Videosu Yayınlandı

WWE 2K22, the new game of the WWE 2K series, was announced with a 30-second trailer at the WrestleMania event. Thus, it is certain that the series will return after a two-year hiatus. The trailer of the game focused on the new generation graphics.

American wrestling cast with the characters we see in real life WWE 2K series had upset its fans last year. WWE’s CFO Frand Riddick announced in a statement that WWE 2K21 developed by Take-Two Interactive has been canceled. With this announcement, players who were stuck with the previous game started to look forward to the new game.

Today, there is a brief moment that delights those who are waiting for the new game at the WWE WrestleMania wrestling event. New game in the game series WWE 2K22was officially announced with a 30-second trailer. The trailer featured WWE’s legend Rey Mysterio and Cesaro. In the description part of the trailer, some hints were given of some things we can expect from the game.

The WWE 2K22 trailer:

Although the 30-second trailer did not offer much about the gameplay of the game, it showed the expected innovations on the graphics side. In the trailer that mainly focuses on Rey Mysterio quality of patterns and texture attention was drawn. “It will make you feel different” in the explanation part of the shared trailer.It Hits DifferentThe slogan was included.

Apart from the short scenes and graphic representation in the 30-second trailer, nothing about the game was shared. The release date of the game is not specified, but in the description part of the video ‘soon’ statement was included. Also, you have more details about the game again ‘soon‘It was announced to be shared. It is also not clear on which platforms the next game will be released with new generation graphics.


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Whether the game will save the game from the most criticized point of the series, the mistakes, is currently unknown. As you know, little things change in the series that come up with a new game every year. But last year the game was canceled and break twice the normal time it may have provided an opportunity for developers.

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