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Turkish Cyber ​​Security Company Announces the Importance of Indigenous

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Turkish cyber security company Berqnet explained the importance of local cyber security technologies in the world that is becoming virtual every day. Berqnet has reached its goal of 100% localness in this regard and has started to export its own products to the world.

Especially in recent months, the company made to giant companies both in our country and in the world and put these companies, customers and users in danger. with cyber attacks we met. The main thing that keeps us from hearing these attacks every day is cyber security. But as the world of technology continues to evolve, the issue of cybersecurity has also increased. a national problem has become.

Turkish security company Berqnet Firewallon cyber security revealing the importance of local and domestic production he pointed out some points. As one of the most important points about localization, the products used in the products produced in our country. imported parts was shown. Imported parts can cause us to be alone with critical problems such as the inability to provide support in a possible crisis situation or the withdrawal of production.

The type of war has also changed in the cyberizing world:

In an increasingly cyber world, wars are also changing. In today’s world where cyber wars are a new type of warfare, countries, people, army and political forces in movements that will wear out can be found. The wide range of uses of cyber security products also make them a tool. Depriving foreign products from spare parts or withdrawing product support, risk of severe consequences carrying.

Domestic products produced within the borders of the country and with the resources of the country can eliminate this risk. Because in this case it is independent from the crisis There is no risk of disruption in the supply of products and services. Nation states are taking serious steps in this regard today, allocating billions of dollars in budgets, and constantly trying to strengthen their cyber armies to meet the need for trained human resources. Of course, support for domestic products, one of the priorities of countries is becoming.

The steps taken in Turkey:

turkey cyber security

The most important step taken in our country in cyber security is the It was the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and Action Plan. Within the scope of this plan, which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force on 20 June 2013, studies were carried out on the development of cyber security legislation, ensuring the security of critical infrastructures, creating cyber security awareness in the society, and detecting and preventing cyber threats.

At the last cabinet meeting of 2020, the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and Action Plan was discussed and it was decided to take new steps. In the statements made, it was noted that there was a large increase in cyber threats and with the protection of physical boundaries Protection of digital infrastructures and data is equally important was expressed. In addition, due to exposure to hidden and sometimes open barriers in digital infrastructures and cyber security issues with a local and national understanding It was emphasized that it should be walked.

Cybersecurity has become a new front:

cyber security

Berqnet Firewall General Manager at the time when NATO has accepted cyber security as the fifth battlefield Hakan Hintoğlu, He highlighted one of the important steps taken in our country in localization. Prepared by the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Information and Communication Security Guideline His statement, which he drew attention to his work, was as follows:

The first of the 12 main targets in the guide paves the way for producing cyber security technologies in our country by encouraging the use of domestic and national cyber security products. Even this goal is very important for our country.

Cybersecurity risks increased in the pandemic:

pandemic cybersecurity

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we also saw that the data in digital environments was of critical importance in the period when we moved both work and school home. Hence this data generation, storage and to keep it under control safely the importance of Once again, it has been demonstrated. During the pandemic period, the effect and number of cyber attacks also increased, and the importance of cyber security was reminded again both in the world and in our country.

Solutions continue to be developed in our country in the field of cyber security, where domestic software, hardware and new generation systems such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are also needed. Native solutions have been developed in many areas such as Firewall, Antivirus, IPS, IDS, mobile security applications, cyber armies for cultivation and cyber exercises Cyber ​​Range products started to be produced.

Logo is a brand of Cyber ​​Security and Network Technologies. Berqnet’s cyber security products also closes a big gap in indigenousness. 100% domestic rate Reaching the brand, it conducts research and development activities with completely domestic resources. Berqnet, which is preferred by thousands of institutions today, exports to the world.

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