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Sony’s Job Post Gives Hints of a New PS5 Game

by tenderpuls

Sony recently posted a job posting for a new game. The announcement contained the information that the game will be released for PS5 and will be a brand new production. Although estimates are made about the type of game from the announcement, no official statement has been made yet.

Sony, the giant name of the game industry, came to the fore with the possibility of working on a new game. New job posting for Sony’s London studiorevealed the allegations that the team was in the process of preparing for a game that has not yet been made public.

Sony London Studio; EyeToy, PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood and Truth known for his environmentally interactive works. However, the new job posting that has emerged is a different kind of game for the new game to be worked on. PS5 gives clues that it is a game.

It will be a story and multiplayer game

In the studio’s job announcement, ‘online game designer‘seems to be sought. The advertisement mentions that online gameplay is very important for the game and the platform is PlayStation 5. This information is about the upcoming game from Sony’s London studio. PSVR It reduces the likelihood of it resembling other productions designed for.

It is interesting that the online mode will be important to the game, but the structure of the game is not particularly above that. It is also stated in the announcement that the story of the game will also be at the forefront, and that the quests will take place with the story. When it comes to a game where both multiplayer and single player modes will be at the forefront, we think of games such as the Call of Duty series and GTA 5. However, this new game will not be part of an old series.

A completely different game designed for the new generation

vr worlds


Sony Brings PlayStation Legendary Games to Phones

One of the most important statements in the advertisement is that the game will be a brand new, new generation production that is not part of a series. The idea that the London studio will try something new outside of its traditional productions has attracted the attention of many actors. However, this game seems to be a production focused on PSVR. Because in the job posting, the recruit is expected to be proficient on the latest PlayStation hardware The description is included. This increases the likelihood that the game will require or include the use of PSVR.

Despite all this information, Sony London Studio has not given a detailed explanation about the new game. In other words, all these possibilities are just predictions based on the job posting. Time will tell what the new game Sony will be working on will look like.

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