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PlayStation Games Coming to Mobile

by tenderpuls

Sony has rolled up its sleeves to bring popular game brands to a wider audience. There will be versions of various PlayStation games adapted for mobile or specially prepared for mobile.

Video games have come a long way over time. One of the most important developments in this process The emergence of consoles happened. The biggest console of the last 20 years is Sony PlayStation series happened. Series and special games were very successful.

The fastest growing market in the gaming industry in recent years mobile game market is now the biggest has also become. Consequently, Sony has accelerated its efforts to evaluate the big brands in its hands in the mobile game industry.

PlayStation games will come to mobile

Recently a PlayStation legend Crash Bandicoot a game said hello to mobile users. Crash, our only maniac, according to the news from the backstage will not be alone. The company will develop mobile games for its other brands.


Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Games Will Be Free In April

For now, it is not clear which brands Sony will use in the mobile game world, but when we look at the company’s general roadmap, we see that we can expect a lot of games. Sony’s plan in mind, games Spread over a period of 3 to 5 years Publishing as part of a strategy.

Not Sony’s first mobile gaming venture



Bloomberg: The Last of Us Comes to PlayStation 5 Compatible Remake

Actually Sony, to the mobile game market it is not a company that is far from at all. The company, which has previously been active in this field both in terms of hardware and software, Xperia Play There had been such attempts. Still, none of these initiatives were as important as the use of the PlayStation brand.

Increasing their activities in the game market Sony, the new generation recently PS5 VR controller had published. Determined to transform home consoles from gaming machines to in-home entertainment systems, Sony will see which brands it will choose for mobile.

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