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‘Hunt: Showdown’ Review from a Gamer’s Eyes

by tenderpuls

Hello dear Webtekno followers. This time, Hunt: Showdown is the guest of our ‘Through the Eyes of a Gamer’ series that we had fun while reviewing the games. We take a detailed look at the suspenseful Hunt: Showdown, where you have to play with full attention and never understand whether you are a hunter or a hunter.

Until this time, a lot of war, stealth or team-oriented games have been released. Many games such as Battlefield, where we get into action, like Sniper Elite, where we sneak into military areas or where team play is incredibly important, like Rainbow Six: played As one, there is a game that is similar to all of these games but also unlike any of them, which impressed me the first time I played it: Hunt: Showdown.

In fact, I had not played Hunt: Showdown, which was released with beta tests in 2018 and we got the full version in 2019 until 2020. Later when a friend made me mind ‘we play together’ (but didn’t like the game once he got into the game with me)helped me meet a game that locked me on my computer. Good playing FPS games As a player, I thought I would get used to this easily, I was wrong.

What kind of game is Hunt: Showdown?

Hunt: Showdown, as we can see from its name, is actually ‘hunting‘is a game based on the fundamentals. Bounty hunt, i.e. bounty hunt There are certain contracts in this game we make and each contract has its own reward, so boss there is. But in Hunt: Showdown, the only thing we’re trying to hunt is the bosses set by the contract. not.

Hunt: Showdown lives up to its name as it does both bosses and Trying to hunt other players. Besides that Trying not to be prey there is. So “I killed the boss, got the prize, let me go to the exit and end the game” there is no such situation. As soon as you receive the reward, it appears on the map of all other players, which is now you are the hunt means.

When you get the award, the job is not done. You have to take this reward to certain exit points and wait around 30 seconds. If you survive doing this, you win.

While we’re waiting for a new Crysis, where did this Hunt come from?

Hunt: Showdown review

A big Crysis series While waiting for a new Crysis game from Crytek as a fan, I came across Hunt: Showdown. This seemed like an unexpected event not only for me, but for the whole game world, as it was thought that Crytek was gradually going bankrupt and could no longer continue its development path. Although Crytek breaks Crysis expectations with Hunt: Showdown “Look; I’m here, I’m still not destroyed!” said.

“Isn’t there a game like Hunt: Showdown on the market?” If you say, there is. However, there is an issue I want to draw your attention to here; another Hunt: Showdown in the market no. This is because Hunt: Showdown’s specific dynamics and will challenge all FPS players to gameplay mechanics to have.

A unique gaming experience


I can say that I am a person who plays Counter Strike, Battlefield, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and many other FPS games that you can think of, from the perspective of my surroundings, but Hunt: Showdown me. so hard. Because in this game “Let me take the gun in my hand, let me move forward with squeezing. If someone comes in front of me, I will throw a big thunder.” there is no such mechanic. On the contrary; listening to voices, following the events around, watching the movements of the bosses, capturing small but effective details, the distance of the gunshot There are mechanics that overwhelm such incredible details.

Pressing a branch that is on the ground but you cannot see darken may cause. Because of your running footsteps, every bullet you shoot instead of attacking the zombies with a knife or brass knuckle barking dogs and that you provoked to fly crow swarmsyour competitors “I’m here, come kill me” signs you say. Of course, the same goes for you to locate your competitors. So, just like you, your competitors need to be extremely sensitive on these issues.

This is where the uniqueness of the game is revealed. Hunt: Showdown is not a game that you can win just by making your wrist speak. Of course, the ability to aim makes an obvious difference in one-on-one battles, but paying close attention to everything else is the key to victory in the rest of the time.

The atmosphere that makes you feel the tension

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown partition designs and sounds makes you feel the tension in the game. CryENGINE V The graphics of the game are also very impressive with the effect of the game engine. Especially forested areas and structures like labyrinths can be much more reactionary with the night in the game because it is not clear where the enemy will come from.

The sounds are likewise designed in great detail. Gunfire every 100 meters different There is even an area in the game where you can listen to the gunshots according to the distance. However, sometimes it can drive people crazy to hear the crackling sound by pressing the branches every 10 steps. One disadvantage of the detailed sounds is that there are loud sounds. Even if you don’t see it, you can feel as if the crows that suddenly start to fly are screaming at the bottom of your ear and throw the keyboard to the mouse.

Nonsense artificial intelligence:

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown doesn’t actually seem to stand out with its artificial intelligence, but sometimes the absurd things that artificial intelligence does It can make people have a nervous breakdown. When you bend over and you don’t even hear yourself, any zombie seeing you with his back turned or occasionally dogs when you have nothing to do start barking, rage quit it can cause the events we call.

Pairing system still not working properly

Hunt Showdown review

Despite the fact that almost 2 years have passed since the game was released, the matchmaking system is unfortunately does not work very well. There are normally up to 12 different players in the games and the PvP system works like this. Single person and groups of 2 to 3 people Sometimes, you may not encounter any competitors in contracts that you can enter. So empty, unappealing and only hunting prize you can play games.

If you are not unlucky, you will encounter opponents, but this time, when you are at 30 levels, the other person can rise to 100 levels. So while you are just getting used to the game, you are already in front of who finished the game, took down what he hit, disappeared in the depths of the forest like a snake and collapsed on you like a nightmare in an instant You are very likely to encounter competitors.

Final comment and conclusion

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown has been consistently lately going on saleIn this way, the number of people playing the game also increases. As I said a few paragraphs ago, I bought the game while it was on sale on my friend’s recommendation. About 40 hours during a game period without any other game in between I can say I played Hunt: Showdown. The game offered a very fluid, competitive and fun experience for me.

Of course, playing with your friends can also have an effect on this. Although my friend who bought me the game did not like it very much and did not play the game, I constantly played in groups of 2-3 people with a few people I met in the game. This enabled me to win more games by playing more tactical.

To conclude, let’s get to the real issue: Does Hunt: Showdown deserve its price? Is it okay? My answer is yes. Normally 109 TRY Hunt: Showdown, which has a price tag with a discount up to 54.50 TL and I think this price definitely deserves. With its graphics, sound, gameplay and episode design, Hunt: Showdown will never forget my life and in the future ‘There was such a game’ He managed to write his own name among the games that I will say.

We have come to the end of the Hunt: Showdown review, which is the second guest of our series, folks. What you think about this game or what you wonder about the game. comments I’m waiting on the part. In addition, if there are games that you want to be commented / reviewed, you can share them in the comments section. Stay tuned for the continuation of the series, never stop playing games and having fun.

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