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Concepts That Make You Say If There Was A Game Shoe, But This Would Be

by tenderpuls

Imagine a shoe that reflects a game so well that when you see that shoe, the world of that game comes to life directly in your mind .. Today we are here with these shoe concepts. The concepts reflecting the various game series manage to reflect all the emotions offered by the game world in an instant.

In recent years, when video games have made huge progress, we have seen that the gaming industry has also affected many subsidiary industries. Game-themed skins, clothes, glasses, ornaments and even drinks were offered for sale. If this is a point where the theme is missing shoe sector. Of course, game-themed shoes are available on the market, but there are hardly any shoes that would satisfy those who are literally sick of a game.

What we mean by these types of shoes are shoes that will make you remember the game when you see the shoe, and it looks like it broke off the game and came into the real world. Although we often see these shoes on cosplayers’ feet, Supplement Timing says to some, “I wish it were in realityHe created the kind of concept shoes that you would say ”. Let’s take a look at these shoes that bring all the mood of the game to your feet:

Zelda shoes that show the spirit of adventure to the bottom:

The last game of the 35-year Zelda series Breath of the Wildenabled the series to gain new players today. The game also had the distinction of being the most detailed Zelda game we have ever seen. The game is immense from forests, plateaus and land we were going through, going from adventure to adventure. This shoe concept magnificently reflects the spirit of adventure with the harmony of green-brown.

The Bioshock Infinite concept that brings Dieselpunk to the real world:

bioshock shoes

Bioshock Infinite, the last game of the Bioshock series, the aesthetics we see in the dieselpunk worlds It is among the examples that reflect it in a magnificent way. The shoes we saw above deserve appreciation for their structure that carries the retro-futuristic worlds to the real world.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons concept, which carries the sweetness of the game at the same rate:

animal crossing shoes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the most talked about games of recent times. This sweet graphic game where you create a character and create your own island is also but with such a sweet design could be reflected in the shoes.

The hoop-and-hopping world shoes: Portal concept:

portal shoe

Portal, another legendary series from Valve, is a brand new style and theme had earned. If we ask how the white-dominated theme of this world, with its blue and orange portals that color the world, can be reflected in a shoe, the answer would be the shoe above.

World of Warcraft concept that gives early warning about moving away from the wearer:

wow shoes

The World of Warcraft game, which has not been finished for years, hosts violent creatures in its gigantic world. In this world of chaos, it would turn a shoe into something as monstrous as we saw above.

Journey concept from a peaceful world:

journey shoes

Journey continues to attract players as one of the most aesthetically impressive games of our day. The game where we embark on a breathless adventure in the desert minimalist and iconic artis reflected quite nicely in this shoe.

“I’ll kill zombies!” Resident Evil: Village concept shouting:

resident evil shoes

The Village game, which we are looking forward to the release of the Resident Evil series, which leaves the player breathless and filled with adrenaline, has already got a shoe. The game that is said to be the scariest of the series gothic vibeWe think it is reflected very well with this hard-looking and injured shoe.


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Kratos winter creation: God of War concept:

god of war shoes

Kratos, who tried to put out the youth fire with his slippers when we first got to know him, got used to wearing shoes as he got older. This shoe we have seen is what admirers of the world of God of War see, especially those with long beards and well-built people on the street. “Boy!” he will shout a shoe they can wear in moments.

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