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8 Lifesaving Tactics for Albion Online Players

by tenderpuls

It is very difficult to survive in Albion Online, one of the most competitive MMORPG games. We wanted to give you a few ticks to ease the game development.

Albion Online, PvE (player vs. enemies) comes up with the gameplay type of PvP (Player vs. Player) rather than the gameplay type. Since there are areas open to PvP in almost every map of the game, it is inevitable to collide with the players in some cases.

Although PvP and dying are almost inevitable in the game, many players prefer to survive and progress without interacting with other players rather than doing PvP. The tips we have prepared are in a position to affect all kinds of players.

Albion Online tactics

  • Albion Online It has a very large map. So you need to be careful about which ways to use
  • Using shortcuts on maps can save lives
  • If you are planning to go to a dangerous area, always go out with equipment you can afford to buy again.
  • Farm etc. use your own island and your clan’s island for jobs
  • Always keep money in your bank in case of possible danger
  • If you are not familiar with how to move around in dangerous areas, watching someone who knows greatly increases the chances of survival.

1. Make the most of your island farm

Dealing with agriculture and farming Albion Online It is one of the safest and fastest ways to earn money. If you do your market research correctly, you can start to constantly buy your own premium package. In fact, if you do not get tired of life at the end of this job, you can increase the productivity by farming on the island of the new characters you will open.

2.Create different routes for yourself instead of going straight on maps

At first, it does not seem to be a very important detail and even if it will extend the way you will go, it increases the danger too much, especially in black areas. Black zones create areas open to direct PvP, so you never know when or where a group of players will attack you. Therefore, moving from remote corners to the entrances and exits of the black regions will often save your life.

3.Do not go to dangerous areas with equipment that you cannot repurchase.

One of the biggest mistakes made by its players is to buy high tier equipment with almost all the money they have. But there is absolutely no need for you to do these. There’s absolutely no need to buy Tier8 and higher gear if you set out to raid other players or earn Fame on your own. A set you will make between Tier 4-6 will do the trick.

4. Do not hesitate to enter the red and black areas

You are right, if you die in the red or black areas, you lose all your items. It Albion Onlinebut it does not mean that you will die every time you enter. Black and red regions are the regions that absolutely require you to enter in order to develop. If you have an armored horse below you and pay enough attention to your surroundings, you will be rewarded for taking the risk.

5. Find yourself a guild (clan)

Albion Online It’s a pretty tough game to play alone. It will be very comfortable for you to learn the game and to enter a clan in terms of comfortable development. But still be careful with the clan you are going to enter. Some clans try to exploit only beginner players with their high tax rates.

6.Keep hard time cash in your bank at all times

Albion OnlineMany players buy premium packages with in-game money and if you play enough, it is possible to continue this cycle forever. However, access to the bank in the game is quite easy and spending the money you earn is a very sweet thing in Albion. So having some money around the corner can always make you happy. If you think that you can not stand and spend it, you can easily hide your money through a different character.

7.Do not hesitate to watch pro players

A herd that travels in black areas from morning to night, even for content purposes only Albion Online Youtuber available. You can move much more comfortably in the red or black areas by following the people who know about this type of game and watching how they play. You can even learn important details such as which profession and how to tackle and how to apply tactics in battles.

8. Think carefully about where to place your island.

Although this situation is not very important, when you place your island in a city, your game usually revolves around that city. So instead of placing it randomly, you may need to look at which city you use more, which areas are safer, and even what profession you want to do. Such fine details will prevent your headache in the future.

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