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Some Features of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Series Shared

by tenderpuls

Some information was shared today about the Mi Pad 5 series, where the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will step back into the world of tablets. The future of the tablet with two models with two different processors was among the shared information.

With the outbreak of the pandemic that affects the whole world, the demand for devices that make things easier or help you fill your time has increased significantly. Of course, one of these devices tablets. Tablets, which are loved for their portability under normal conditions, are now seen as the cheaper solution of computers that do things that phones cannot do, and they have gained a great use in education and entertainment.

Consequently, some manufacturers have decided to return to the tablet industry, which they have not looked after for a long time. One of these manufacturers It was xiaomi. Most recently in 2018 Mi Pad 4 series The company, which introduced it, announced that it would return the tablet series in 2021. Mi Pad 5 Some important information has emerged today about the series, which will be revived with the name.

What we have learned so far about Xiaomi Mi Pad:

The new Mi Pad 5 series, which appears with the code name K81C, will have two different models in terms of connectivity according to some shared information. Connection, according to the processor used in the device will change. In addition, the screen size of the two models will also differ. The model with a small screen, MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200 processor will carry.

Among the models, the model with a large screen will be the most featured model in the series. The device, which is said to come with a 10.95 inch screen, 2K resolution and it will have a 144 Hz screen refresh rate. In addition, the model is said to come with an 8,000 mAh battery and a special MIUI user interface. Finally, according to a claim, the tablet; Samsung will also offer stylus support to counter giants such as Apple and Huawei.


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There is currently no information about when Xiaomi will introduce its new tablet. Similarly, it is not known what the price of the tablet will be. Considering that Xiaomi is generous in terms of price in general, we can expect the tablet to come with an affordable price tag.

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