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Plane Made by a YouTuber Crashed During Test

by tenderpuls

The ‘handmade plane’ of a YouTuber named Sefa Kındır crashed during the test drive. The residents, who saw the plane accelerated and took off and then crashed, thought that the drone had crashed.

Youtuber Sefa Kındır, who lives in Osmaniye, has long been a dream to use in a video. mini plane designed. Kındır, who was still in the test phase and lost control when the plane moved on land suddenly accelerated and took off, crashed into the barriers and had an accident.

Designed using a 300 CC engine, the vehicle Reached a speed of 80 km and it took off. However, when the control was lost, the plane crashed to the ground and suffered great damage. Nobody was harmed in the accident. But the residents who saw the plane crash, unmanned aerial vehicle He immediately came to the area, thinking that he was there.

They wanted to run the plane on land:


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When the residents who witnessed the event were informed to the press, the teams that went to the scene saw YouTuber in front of them. Sefa Kındır situation to the press members who came to the place where the incident took place. ”I tried making a plane. I had such a dream. I built a nice plane from a 300 CC engine. We went out to test our plane. When I reached a speed of 80 kilometers, my plane tried to take off. Actually in this video we were not going to fly the plane. We wanted to run it on land. The plane tried to fly. Since there are no flying mechanisms in the wings We had an accident because the front of the plane took off ‘‘he told in his words.

Kındır said that the residents of the area informed the press, ”You were also informed that the drone crashed, but manned aircraft crashed. Such an event has happened to us. Those who saw came to help. They were also surprised where did this plane come from” used expressions.

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