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How to Change Facebook Password?

by tenderpuls

Changing the password of your Facebook account, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is one of the most important steps you can take in terms of virtual security. We explained how to change Facebook password, how to change Facebook password step by step with all the details.

Facebook has become one of the indispensable social media platforms for many users after it first entered our lives in the early 2000s. A Facebook account with new features added over the years, became as necessary as the identification number. However, due to the diversity of social media platforms, many users no longer use their Facebook accounts very actively.

How to change Facebook password The question becomes important at this point. Because your account, for which you created a simple password years ago, may not be that safe anymore. Because over the years, hackers have also improved themselves and the old difficult passwords have become easily cracked. How to change Facebook password, We explained in detail how to change Facebook password step by step.

How to change Facebook password?

  • Step # 1: Open the Facebook website from here.
  • Step # 2: Sign in with your account information.
  • Step # 3: Click the down arrow button in the upper right corner.
  • Step # 4: Settings and Privacy Expand the tab.
  • Step # 5: Settings Click.
  • Step # 6: Security and Login Open the tab.
  • Step # 7: Change Password Click.
  • Step # 8: Type in your current password first and then your new password.
  • Step # 9: Save Changes Click the button.

If you haven’t changed a Facebook password before, it may be a bit difficult to get to the Change Password option. Especially the new Facebook desktop version, an interface blended with the mobile app For users who haven’t logged into the platform for a long time because of its ownership, it might seem a bit complicated.

Facebook Settings page is progressing layer by layer. This gives the user the feeling of opening a matryoshka doll. But The option titles are pretty clear If you are careful, there will be no problems. At least following the steps above literally step by step will easily get you to your goal.

Facebook is absolutely available for password change, the password you are using you must enter. If you forgot this password Did you forget your password? button will help you. Make sure your new password is much stronger and slightly more complex than before. Do not use the same password on different platforms.


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How to change Facebook password in mobile application?

  • Step # 1: Open the Facebook mobile app.
  • Step # 2: Sign in with your account information.
  • Step # 3: Tap the button with three lines under the bottom toolbar.
  • Step # 4: Settings and Privacy Expand the tab.
  • Step # 5: Settings Tap.
  • Step # 6: Security and Login Open the tab.
  • Step # 7: Change Password Tap.
  • Step # 8: Type your current password first and then your new password.
  • Step # 9: Update Your Password Tap the button.

mobile facebook password change

With the Facebook password change process in the mobile application, the transaction performed in the desktop version It consists of very similar steps. As we have already mentioned, it seems quite obvious that the desktop version of Facebook has been redeveloped by taking inspiration from the mobile application.

You can follow the above steps on both Android and iOS Facebook mobile app. Similar steps will be applicable when you open the Facebook website through your mobile internet browser, but the websites opened in the mobile internet browser are for such transactions. they do not always display a stable structure. For this reason, if you do not have a Facebook mobile application, it is recommended to do this on the desktop version.

In the mobile application, in the process of changing Facebook password, you are asked to enter your current password. It is useful to be careful when changing the password in the mobile application. Because some users typing on the mobile device keyboard they can have problems. For this reason, instead of typing fast, prefer to write carefully, even if slowly.


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Why is Facebook password change important?


Many users ask, ‘I don’t enter, I don’t, what if my password is strong, what will happen if my account is stolen?’ he might think, but does that happen at all? To have a Facebook account, you must have shared at least one email address and phone number. This information falling into the hands of unknown people It is not a situation to be desired.

You’re not the only one burning when your Facebook account is stolen. The person who hijacks your account will be able to access information that your friends do not want to share with anyone except perhaps they know. Fraudulent reward messages or sexually explicit videos We are sure that nobody wants it to be sent.

Putting it in its simplest form, someone pretends to be you and sends people to different websites, campaigns, to so-called prize competitions can defraud by directing. The number of examples of such events is increasing day by day. For this reason, it is extremely important to protect all your social media accounts with a strong password, even if you are not actively using it.

Tips for setting a strong password:

strong password

First of all, never use the same password on different social media platforms and websites. Even though it’s hard to remember Try to use different passwords. Do not use your own familiar words in any of the passwords. Avoid using simple number phrases and words that everyone knows.

When creating passwords, make use of strange looking symbols that you don’t use much on your keyboard. We know it will be hard to remember but you have to set a long password It is very important in terms of security. Even if you use familiar words, manipulate the letters of the word in a way that you can understand.

On every platform you can use two-factor authentication use feature. Thus, you can prevent possible account hijacking with an incoming message to your phone or e-mail address. It is recommended that you change your password every 6 months and not share it anywhere or save it in different browsers. If all this sounds a bit complicated, you can use a reliable password manager app.

For you How to change Facebook password, We answered curious questions such as how to change Facebook password and explained the points you need to pay attention to. How to change Facebook password Even if the answer to the question seems simple, it is extremely important to set a strong password for your virtual security.

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