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Google Will Consider Quality In Product Reviews

by tenderpuls

When listing the product review articles in search results, Google made a change in the algorithm to emphasize quality. With the new update, site officials may see a positive or negative fluctuation in incoming traffic.

Today’s most used search engine Googlecan find hundreds of thousands of answers in less than a second to almost every question we ask. Answers are displayed on a page where all content posted on the internet is listed. The pages we see at the top are also the most popular places is happening.

However, the fact that a page appears at the top of the search results means that the page is about a topic. does not show that it has the highest quality content. Knowing this situation, Google made a change in the algorithm that regulates the search results presented to users for product reviews for now. The company is now researched and in-depth information will bring you to the forefront.

The most useful content will be brought to the fore:

At this point, we believe that the change made does not affect all internet sites, only on the internet. that it concerns product reviews It is worth mentioning. So if you have a website for which a product review article is not published, the algorithm change made is not your concern for now. Sites affected by the changes will now have to make some adjustments to their content.

With the new update, Google made a statement. most useful content announced that they will present. The company stated that people prefer the content that provides in-depth research on product reviews over the contents that summarize the products, therefore it will carry the content that is a good source of information to the top.


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Update currently only written in English concerns product reviews. But we expect the algorithm change to cover other languages ​​soon. The change was made on April 8, 2021. Therefore, website owners who are interested in this situation, a positive or negative surge in traffic can see.

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