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Elon Musk, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘Movie Mocked

by tenderpuls

SpaceX, Tesla and entrepreneur Elon Musk, whom we know with his tweets that created an event, shared Godzilla vs. Kong made fun of a situation he saw unreasonable in his movie. Asking how the Earth is illuminated by the Sun, Musk said, “The screenwriter used too much drugs.”

The science fiction movie that debuted on March 24 ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘managed to surprise the audience. However, this bewilderment was not always positive. The movie that was the subject of ‘memes’ before its release today On Twitter There was a reaction from a name we love to follow. Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Muskshared a tweet in which he talked about the unreasonableness of the movie.

King Kong and Godzilla are known as two fictional creatures about which many movies were made during the 1900s. These creatures aren’t the first time they come across in a single movie. Godzilla vs. Kong, on the other hand, combines this nostalgic idea, whose films were shot a long time ago, with today’s cinema technologies. However, there are events that conflict with science in the film. The tweet Elon Musk shared today is exactly about this issue.

Elon Musk: ‘The screenwriter used too much drugs’


According to Science, Which Won The Godzilla vs Kong War?

Elon Musk in the movie ‘Hollow World ‘ he shared a tweet mocking the film today, due to a logic error while using it, let alone the use of his theory: “Godzilla vs. Kong holds the record for the most meth-used movie in the screenwriter room. So how is the Sun illuminating the center of the Earth? Stop asking questions! ”

Although the Hollow Earth theory is a theory that has been debunked by science, there is of course no problem with using it in a movie. As the name implies: Sci-fi movie. However, the interior of the Earth appears to be perfectly lit in the movie, and this is physically impossible. Elon Musk must be one of the most disturbed by this logic error that he tweeted like this.

What is the ‘Hollow World’ theory?

hollow world kong godzilla

The Hollow World theory states that the interior of our world is empty; a theory that maintains that there are giant ecosystems in which many different living species live here. According to the theory, there is a small core in the very center of the Earth that warms and illuminates the Earth. In this undiscovered world ‘Superior races’ migrating from Mu and Atlantis continents live. Although it is a theory that contradicts science, there is nothing wrong with the film because it is used as fiction. Because a light source is specified in the original theory.

Godzilla vs. Kong trailer:

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