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Age of Empires IV will teach history

by tenderpuls

The countdown continues to the next game of the Age of Empires series, a strategy game classic. The developer team aims to teach history to the actors by using the language and documentary techniques of the period.

The Age of Empires series has always been a game as well as a date narrator It was designed. Next game Age of Empires IVIn Microsoft and Relic Entertainment, they have a similar goal, and even go one step further.

In Age of Empires IV documentaries narrated by voiceover it will include. In addition, the language used in the game will be appropriate for the period. Similarly, the music will be prepared in accordance with the periods of the game.

Return to the Middle Ages

One more time in the game To the medieval world we will be guests. In other words, although we have progressed over time with Age of Empires III, we will go back to the previous periods with the new game, and we will look at progress over time in order to build a castle again.

In a single battle in the new game hundreds of years we will be able to see the improvement. On the other hand, in the scenario part of the game, we will be able to see real life stories that continue for generations. The first announced scenario is also Battle of Hastings There will be a Norman invasion, starting with.


Age of Empires IV Disclosed as Playable

Scenarios in Age of Empires II through the eyes of a character in the story There were intermediate videos we saw. In the new game, it will be replaced by documentaries supported by videos shot in real locations and the narration of a voice-over.

Make a documentary and watch it

age of empires IV


Tricks You Can Make History in Age of Mythology

You can view the contents of this documentary at one of the fan events. even partially we had the chance to see it. When we look at these videos, we see that the producers have a structure that is not left behind from Netflix productions. In the videos to real places The outgoing team shot using actors and various equipment.

The team will also reflect the style of the era in the speeches and music in the game. We will see a similar approach in the visual designs of the game. Sounds and visuals will evolve in the game with our civilization.

Age of Empires IV fan review (Turkish dubbing)

According to the announcement, Age of Empires IV will be presented to the players next fall. Until the game comes out We will continue to spend time with other Age of Empires productions.

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