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They Made Millions of TL Profit with ‘Win-Guaranteed Coupon’

by tenderpuls

A dawn operation was carried out in 10 different provinces and the suspects were caught and detained after it was reported that an “organization” based in Adana, which has members in many cities, defrauded thousands of people with more than 1,600 websites.

Adana Provincial Police Department Combating Cyber ​​Crimes Branch teams, betting sites via “guaranteed voucherHe initiated work in many provinces to arrest people allegedly defrauding people by promising them.

In the investigation carried out on the subject, the suspects have established 1,630 websites that they defrauded 2 thousand 425 people by pretending to play non-existent sports competitions and in total 7 million 300 thousand TL unfair earnings It was determined that they achieved.

More than 1,600 websites have been opened for betting fraud.

A custody warrant was issued with the instructions given by the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. 122 suspects Dawn operations were held in 10 different provinces centered in Adana to capture him. In total to operations 510 police joined.

The suspects detained within the operations were first taken to the Adana Forensic Medicine Unit for health check, then they were taken to the police and interrogations were initiated. Once again on this occasion avoiding trading on fake websites Let’s convey our warning about.

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