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The Tenth Movie of the Saw Series has also begun to be developed

by tenderpuls

While we were still waiting for the ninth movie of the Saw series to be released in May, it turned out that the tenth movie of the series is in development today. While no details were found about the movie, there was a sad confirmation about an important name in the series.

Since 2004, it has locked millions of viewers to the screens and made them taste suspense. Saw series, ninth film Spiral: Saw Continues (Spiral: From the Book of Saw) is getting ready to meet with the audience again on May 14th. Producer of the new movie Chris rockhad announced long before that he would add humor to the film, but fear, blood, and brutality would also return.

While the eyes are still waiting to see the ninth film of the series, new news came to please the series today. The series according to the new list published by ProductionWeekly The tenth film has come to the stage of development. It is not yet known what name the tenth film of the series will have. The movie is only ‘on the list’Saw x‘appeared with the name.

The tenth movie began to be developed before the expected movie arrived:

A detail shared about the film was that Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate, as well as director James Wan’s production company Atomic Monster, would be named. But according to the information shared by Bloody Disgusting, the Atomic Monster name is on the list. by mistake was given. In fact, the site has been producing films since the beginning of the series. Wan won’t have a place in the tenth movie confirms that explained.

There are currently no details about the movie. Of the tenth film to be released in May, the ninth whether it will be a continuation also among the unknown for now. Of course, we will get the biggest clue about this issue when we watch the ninth movie. We can say that the tenth movie is also on the pocket right now and we need to turn our eyes to the ninth movie.


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Returning to the ninth movie Spiral: Saw Continues, which will meet with us in May, the film will be directed by comedian Chris Rock, who aims to turn the series into its original. Among the star names to take place in the movie Samuel L. Jackson and Max minghella is also available. Under normal circumstances, the film, which is planned to be released in May of the previous year fragment You can watch this from our news.

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