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How to Download WhatsApp? [Android, iPhone ve Windows]

by tenderpuls

The popularity of WhatsApp, which entered our lives for the first time in 2009, continues to increase as the use of smartphones becomes widespread. However, those who are new to the use of smartphones or WhatsApp may have problems installing the application. We have prepared a short and simple guide for those who need help in this regard. If you want to learn how to download WhatsApp to an Android, iOS, or desktop device, we will explain it step by step.

Communication application used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries WhatsAppis a big part of the daily life of many of us. This application, which we use in many areas such as social relations, school and business life, has become the hand of modern people. In fact, thanks to a recent update, workplace accounts have been added to WhatsApp. In this way, workplaces can easily communicate with customers.

Application established in 2009 and later acquired by Facebook Android, iOS and desktop available on platforms; It is very easy to download and install. Let’s warn from the beginning about the following issue: Like every application, WhatsApp is also Downloading as an APK can be dangerous. This method can invite malicious software to your phone, and your outdated application may leave your personal information unprotected. The methods we will talk about now are completely safe and easy to apply. We will explain the methods in the most basic way that even those who are not very familiar with smartphones will understand. If you don’t know how to download WhatsApp, let’s take a look at these 3 ways.

How to download WhatsApp on Android, iOS and desktop devices?

  • Step # 1: Download and open the application
  • Step # 2: Accept permissions and agreements
  • Step # 3: Confirm your phone number
  • Step # 4: Identify the name and profile photo to introduce you
  • Step # 5 (for desktop): Download the app to your computer and link your account here with a QR code.

How to download WhatsApp on Android devices?

Step # 1: Download and open WhatsApp Messenger from here

‘Found on the application’s pageload‘, or if you use Google Play in English’InstallPress the ‘button. The 27 MB application will be downloaded and installed on your phone. Once loaded, on the same page.hungry‘button will appear, click here to open the application.

Step # 2: Manage permissions, accept service and confidentiality agreement

whatsapp download android

When you first open the application, you will see permission requests and a contract that you must accept. Answer the permission to access your phone book at your request. To use WhatsApp, you must accept the service and privacy agreement. You can read the agreement by clicking on the text that appears.

Step # 3: Confirm your phone number

whatsapp download android

After accepting the contract, the digits where you need to enter your phone number will appear. Write your number here and wait for the next SMS. Enter the code from the incoming message to the code field in WhatsApp. In some cases, the message may arrive late or not reach the recipient. In this case, press the resend option and wait again. Now that you have entered the code, the phone has a line and its number is confirmed.

Step # 4: Add a name and photo to introduce you

whatsapp download android

On the next page, there will be a space to write your name. WhatsApp is a communication app, so it is not very common to use nicknames like on social networks. But the choice is up to you. After entering the name you want, you can add a photo showing who you are if you want. Click the round area next to the space where you entered your name to upload it. After saying Upload photo, select the gallery app and click on the photo you want. Crop the photo in WhatsApp app and confirm it with a tick in the corner. WhatsApp is now ready to be used.

How to download WhatsApp to iOS devices?

Step # 1: Download and open WhatsApp from here

how to download whatsapp on iphone

After searching, find the application in the results and enter its page. ‘DownloadPress the ‘button and wait for WhatsApp to download and install. If you haven’t done anything else on the App Store recently Your Apple ID password will be asked. Enter your password in the window that opens. Thus, the process will be started. Press the ‘open’ button that appears after landing. If you closed the App Store, you can find it on the home screen because the app has downloaded.

Step # 2: Manage permissions and accept the agreement

how to download whatsapp on iphone

When you open the application for the first time, WhatsApp will open pop-up windows to get your permission, such as accessing your contacts and showing notifications. If you want to see your contacts on WhatsApp, you have to accept the contacts access permission. Approve or deny permissions at your own discretion. You will then need to accept the privacy and service agreement. Before accepting You can press the blue part of the article and read the agreement.. If you don’t have a problem with the contract and want to use WhatsApp, accept and continue.

Step # 3: Confirm your phone number

how to download whatsapp on iphone


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After the contracts, WhatsApp will ask for your phone number. Write your phone number in the fill field on the new incoming page and confirm it. You will soon receive an SMS message. If it still hasn’t come after minutes’Send again‘or’call meYou can look at the ‘options. Enter the code you eventually get in the space on the next page. Thus, your phone number will be confirmed.

Step # 4: Add name and photo to introduce you

how to download whatsapp on iphone

People you may not be registered with in their directory; For example, members of work or school groups need a clear name and a photo to get to know you. However, you can also use a nickname, and you may not prefer to upload photos. Type the name you want in the spelling field that appears. Then, if you want to upload a profile photo, click on the round area above the text area. Choose either the camera or the gallery here. Take new photo from camera or choose photo from gallery and confirm. When you come back to the page and confirm there, you are ready to use WhatsApp on your Apple device.

Download WhatsApp to the computer:

Step # 1: Go to WhatsApp’s website and download the app

download whatsapp to computer

You can reach the place where you will download by clicking here. However, to use WhatsApp on a computer, it must first be installed on your phone. On site Mac or Windows PC Click on the option, then press the download button that appears and wait for it to download.

Step # 2: Install WhatsApp on computer

download whatsapp to computer

Double-click the file in the Downloads folder to run it. WhatsApp Messenger desktop version will be installed on your computer in a short time. You can then delete the setup file you downloaded.

Step # 3: Link your account to computer with QR code

download whatsapp to computer

After the application is installed, open WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the desktop. In the window that opens QR code will find. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone and find the WhatsApp Web option in the settings. Read the QR code on your computer with the QR code reader here. Now you can easily access your WhatsApp account from your computer, and use features such as voice recording and sending photos from here.

It’s that easy to download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone or computer. However, let’s remind one more important detail that we mentioned at the beginning of the article: Do not download the application from anywhere other than Google Play and Play Store for the phone and WhatsApp’s own site for the computer. Thus, you will not install potential malware on your device and you will not be deprived of up-to-date security enhancements.

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