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Significant Development With The Game Six Days In Fallujah

by tenderpuls

There was a remarkable development regarding Six Days In Fallujah, which tells the story of the US-Iraq War. The American-Islamic Relations Council described this game as an Arab murder simulator. Calling on Sony, Valve and Microsoft, the council requested that the game not be sold in app stores.

In a news we shared with you in the past weeks, it is from a play about the US-Iraq War. we mentioned. 6 Days in Fallujah or in its original form “Six Days In FallujahThis play titled “” was about the bloodiest periods of the war between the USA and Iraq. How important it is for the USA and Iraq, we shared with you in our news that we shared that day. Now, there has been a new and noticeable development with this game.

An NGO that was founded in 1994 and aims to unite Muslims living in the USA. American-Islamic Relations Councilmade a call to Valve, Microsoft and Sony regarding this game. In the statements made by the organization, Six Days In Fallujah, such as Steam, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store has been asked not to be sold in app stores.

Council of American-Islamic Relations: The game, Arab murder simulator

Speaking on behalf of the American-Islamic Relations Council Huzaifa Shahbaz, 6 Days in Fallujah only for muslims normalize the violence told. Stating that the sale of the game should be banned, Shahbaz said, Arab murder simulator argues that. Huzaifa Shahbaz made heavy accusations against the United States in every sentence he made.


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According to Shahbaz, the gaming industry now has to dehumanize Muslims. Against muslims all over the world today bigotry The American-Islamic Relations Council official, who stated that he was, declares that such games increase anti-Muslim sensitivity. In addition, according to Shahbaz, such games, threaten human life also continues. Although the statements made will be welcomed by some groups, it is very difficult to understand why the incident was reduced to the specific of Iraq and the events in Afghanistan and other countries were ignored.

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