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PS5 Game Deathloop Postponed Once Again

by tenderpuls

The action game Deathloop, which is expected to debut impatiently for PS5 and later on desktop, has been postponed once again with a Tweet posted today. The Arkane team, expressing their apologies and thanks to those waiting, announced that the new release date is September 19.

Of PS5 one of the most anticipated games Deathloopwas postponed again with a recent statement. For the game in the first place Late 2020 was set as the release date. The release date, which was later postponed to May 2021 with a new statement, has recently been moved forward. According to the new statement, Deathloop, Will meet with players on September 14.

Known as an innovative action FPS game, Deathloop attracted the attention of the players with its interesting story and advanced graphics. Especially the game, many events and products that PS5 owners are looking forward to COVID-19 had to be postponed due to

‘We have to postpone to maintain the quality of the game’


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Arkane and Of bethesda co-production Deathloop, Bethesda TR It was postponed with a statement made on a Twitter account. The Arkane team announced their apologies to those waiting for the game, and the following words were made:

“It is our duty not to compromise the quality of Deathloop and the goals set by our team, as well as to look after the health and safety of everyone in the Arkane studio. We aim to create a fun, stylish and mind-blowing gamer experience by using the additional time we have. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiastically watching the way of the game. Your commitment supports our imagination and further work. We look forward to bringing Deathloop to your liking as soon as possible! “

Deathloop official gameplay video:

Set in a very interesting universe, Deathloop was one of the most anticipated games of spring until today’s announcement. However, as in many cases, this game also suffered from the pandemic. Promising the fans to finish the game flawlessly, Arkane will make the game debut on September 19, if nothing else goes wrong. Thus, the adventure of our assassin to escape from the time loop will begin.

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