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New Design of Google Play Store is Available

by tenderpuls

Google developers renewed the design of the Google Play Store, the official app store of the Android ecosystem. The biggest innovation that stands out in the changes was the removal of the hamburger design, while the Settings section has taken its part from the changes made.

US-based technology giant Google last updated in 2019 Google Play Storemade some changes to the user interface of. With the changes made, the “hamburger” design used in the Google Play Store was removed, while for users more pure an experience seems to be offered.

As Android users know, there is a menu button was taking place. The user who touched this button could access all the information about his account. The new interface eliminates this button. Instead, the developers who add the profile photo in the account used in the Google Play Store to the upper right section, add to the previously installed applications and games, user library, payments and all other details. your profile pictures they can access it by tapping on it.

This is how Google Play Store’s new interface looks

A user who opened the Google Play Store said a little about the new interface. information message encounters with. In this information message, he talks about the changes we just described. On the other hand, the update Settings It should not go without saying that he has renewed his part. Google no longer offers all the setting options to users who enter the Settings menu in the Play Store. Instead, developers choose some of the settings-related options. divided into categories they are in the situation. This is due to the fact that Google wants to provide users with a simpler experience.

Google Play Store Settings

Google has begun to distribute the Play Store’s new interface to users. However, the new interface may not have reached all phones for now. If you can not see the above innovations on your phone, for a while in your waiting There are benefits. So what are your opinions about the new design? Some users believe that this design has the availability of the Google Play Store. that it gets hard it states. Do you think this is the case? You can share your ideas with us.


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