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Legendary Games # 4 Assassin’s Creed

by tenderpuls

In the year 2007, console players are going to buy a new game with great excitement. Assassin’s Creed comes into our lives with its dynamics that we are not used to until today and the world becomes a better place for a few days.

If they said that you would climb to the top of the buildings and jump everywhere, hide among the monks, or there would be no action in the game, only one game would come to mind at that time. Assassin’s Creed. It may be one of those rare games that really entered the game world like “harpoon”. What makes this game a legend can actually be called its “name”. Apart from being a claim, the game dares to deal with topics that have not been dealt with until then.

When we saw that you suggested Assassin’s Creed in the comments, we actually laughed a lot, as it will be very enjoyable for all of us to write this game and explain why it is a legend. By the way Altair and Ezio We really thought a lot but “Altair” Legend An Assassin with the title and the first series of the game really changed the game world. Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Prince of Persia and The MatrixWe can say that we have seen such a game for the first time after. If you are ready, let the Legend Games chapter 4 begin.

The great struggle of the Templars and Assassins:

Sir, the main subject of the game Poppieshis great struggle with the temples. Templars Paradise Apple They’re after a device that dominates the minds of people called. During the 3rd Crusade, the Knights Templar who wanted to get this object made the mother cry. Of course, how do we learn this subject? Desmond Miles we have a brother named, he is a bartender and a master family person. One day they kidnap Desmond and Animus They connect it to a device named. The Animus is a device that helps you unearth the memories of your ancestors in the past.


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Shouldn’t Desmond’s ancestor be Altair, the most notorious Assassin of the Middle East? Abstergo Corporation the persistent Desmond to the bone AnimusOf course they will exploit by using. It turns out that Abstergo, the Knights Templar of today, kidnapped and kidnapped friends who were Assassin in their gene map and went after the Paradise Diamond. Of course, we understand this later in the game, but in terms of its subject and attractiveness, Assassin’s Creed is actually making a great breakthrough. Altair was demoted by Al Mualim to 9 Of the Templar the release after him etc. The first element that makes the game attractive.

The in-game is simply perfectly prepared:

1191 In one word, the game set in 2012 is perfectly prepared with city details and dynamics. Take a break in 4 big maps and say “let me watch the sceneryYou can say. Jerusalem and Damascus their tasks offer a different pleasure in themselves. 2007-2009 It is actually a great talent to make such a game between. Ubisoft may have worked pretty well at this point. The most problematic aspect of historical games is their ability to tell the period. Ubisoft provided this very comfortably.


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Assassin’s Creed it actually has a special side that brings history and conspiracy theories side by side. You can see this very easily in the rest of the series. Ubisoft about processing history Assassin’s Creed 1 Thanks to it really gained great experience. Meanwhile, other game companies have also started to work in-game skins such as Assassin’s Creed. In fact, the biggest favor Ubisoft has brought to the game market around the world is probably the creation of Assassin’s Creed.

The action continues all the time

Assassin's Creed Series Altair

I want to tell you that this is my personal opinion of course. As much as you want in the game “hooliganism”You can. GTAis actually a very familiar term from. Arbitrary assassinations and fights can be quite fun to hug people. Of course, this is totally contrary to the structure of Altair, but to be a punk in games is “out of the glory of acting”. Assassin’s Creed hidden blade We think there is nothing like using it.


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In the meantime, you are constantly chasing after you in the game and you have to fight all the time. Especially somehow, the Knights Templar constantly gets to know you. Either this is the most criticized part of the game, No SMS, WhatsApp no, no phone How can news go from one city to another so fast? No, everyone is after us as if they drew and gave a robot picture. In essence, the folks are so eager to hunt us down, alas, there was hardly any need to sacrifice that many NPCs in the game.

The ambiance is enormous, the sounds are legendary

Assassin's Creed Series Environment

Assassin’s Creed’s ambient sounds are really cool. When you enter a temple, the game really makes you feel like in the temple. for example Samwhen you go to Turkish You hear and see the soldiers talking. The game period has worked so well that this is how it is to integrate history correctly. The voices made by the characters during battles and assassinations in the game really make you feel in the action.


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The speeches are again very well thought out. Desmond Miles Almost every emotion really gets on our side. One of the hardest things about making a game is to manipulate the characters into the player. At this point, voiceover, character animations, etc. Many items such as are involved. Whether you play Altair or Desmond characters, you are in the game at that moment. RPG games are usually very difficult to get caught up in this much game, but Ubisoft really impresses you in Assassin’s Creed, the first game of the series.

The right time is the right subject for Assassin’s Creed “Illuminati”

Assassin's Creed Series first scene

Emerging in the world between 2004-2009 without any reason Illuminati Due to their theories, the environment was quite suitable for Assassin’s Creed. Everyone Who are the Knights Templar? Who is the Illuminati? Who are the other sects? He was searching all over the place. When these issues broke out in the times when the internet was starting to be at everyone’s home. Ubisoft I think he chose the right subject for the first game. At a time when esoteric sects and holy relics research are bouncing, it is a great virtue to be able to play this game.


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Increasing interest in the game actually goes completely parallel to this. In other words, people somehow said, “Let’s have a game that deals with these issues.” To Assassin’s Creed they showed interest. In the meantime, the trailer of the game sold itself very well, as Ubisoft also directed the players in the first trailer. Knights Templarshot from.

The game mechanics are great, my friend … (for that period)

Assassin's Creed Series Environment

Hidden blade There is a pattern, a sword pattern, a bow pattern with swaddles, so what more can you ask for? Jump over the walls, push those in front of you, and experience a mighty war. We have played games where we can climb walls and do various acrobatics before, but Assassin’s Creed The freedom it creates in this regard can be the most interactive game with try. You can climb anywhere at any time, crash on someone’s head. People who somehow experienced this game on the console, please state in the comments how much they ran without taking their hands off the gamepad.


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Game Yamakasi It was like playing the movie. Think of it this way, you are on the roof of a building and then you enter the building through a secret passage. You walk very acrobatically through the ceiling woods and suddenly insert the hidden blade into the neck of the temple below you. Immediately afterwards, you climb up the rope and start to escape from the roofs of the buildings and hide, as if the soldiers running behind you catch them, they will blast. Fighting, gameplay, escape, everything has been calculated so carefully… Ubisoft may have two gifts to this world. One definitely Prince of Persiaand the other Assassin’s Creed Series.

Why Assassin’s Creed is a legend?

In fact, we have explained the reason why the game is legendary in many ways above, but let’s wrap it up one last time. First of all, the game’s handling of history, The Hashish‘I and the Knights Templar The biggest reason for it to be the subject. Assassin’s Creed who created the world Ubisoft He thought so carefully about character clothes and designs; “When the assassin is mentioned, Altair’s outfit comes to mind first”. There are game mechanics, sounds, contents and a structure that turns into a huge community.

Assassin’s Creed In fact, he told people how a “negative” character is “positive”. We play an assassin who commits murders in the game, but we understand that these assassinations are actually the causes. Assassin’s Creed All the games that came out after him complete the series in some way. We can say that the biggest reason why this game is legendary is “the first game of the series”. Altair opened the doors to the world of Assassin’s Creed and actually created an endless adventure.

What do you guys think about Assassin’s Creed? In the meantime, please mention the game you would like us to review next week in the comments.

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