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720P Option Arrives on Amazon Luna

by tenderpuls

Amazon Luna, which has been released as a beta in the past months, has brought a feature to increase streaming performance. Thanks to the new 720p image quality option, gamers whose internet is not strong enough for 1080p will also be able to enjoy cloud gaming.

Proven in many industries Amazon, recently ‘cloud gaming‘also entered the industry. In October of last year Amazon Luna The company that offers it to users is still working on developing the platform. Amazon Luna, which has just been opened for early access, has a new feature to take the player experience to the next level.

Cloud gaming, a new technology, is offered by many platforms with very high image quality. Brands compete to deliver the highest quality in the fastest way possible. However, the internet speeds of users must also be taken into account. That’s why Amazon Luna has to choose the image quality options. 720p adds.

A performance increase is aimed with lower image quality:

So far only 1080p Providing service with quality, Amazon Luna is coming soon 4K It was expected to open the image quality option as well. However, instead of increasing the quality, the company chose to downgrade it to increase playability. In this way, cloud gaming technology will be able to be used by more people fluently. Those who expect 4K quality will also have to wait a little longer, apparently.

‘It was one of the most anticipated features’

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Today To The Verge In his statements, “One of the most requested features was the ability to play at lower resolutions to match the unmatched internet connection speed.” Using the expressions, Amazon Luna announced the gospel to its users with the following words: “As of today, we are enabling the 720p option to play with low bandwidth and data transfer.”


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In the beta version, Amazon Luna does not charge a membership fee, unlike many cloud gaming platforms, instead it charges a rental fee from the ‘channels’ where the games are located. Luna’s own channel monthly For 6 dollars, Ubisoft his private channel is monthly For 15 dollars can be rented.

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