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YouTube Music Changing In-App Icons

by tenderpuls

YouTube, which updated the icons of its main application last year, is now updating the icons of the YouTube Music application. However, it is not clear when the update will be available to all users.

The world’s largest video sharing platform YouTubehas a very old and functional mobile application. However, the icons in YouTube’s mobile application are very classic and graphically “old fashionHas a ”look. He said it, at least until last year.

Last year, YouTube updated its mobile app and made in-app icons a more modern look, with a little makeover. YouTube, its main app modernization (!) online music service. YouTube Musicstarted to be implemented in the mobile application of.

YouTube Music’s old and new icons look like this;

YouTube Music, which opens new in-app icons to a limited number of users regardless of the app version, is visually a cleaner and modern look aims to present. While new application icons shrink in size; it also has a more linear design.

youtube music old icons

YouTube Music’s new in-app icons are only available in the artist pages and in the options menu of the music player, at least for the time being. Currently, YouTube Music’s new icons are available to all users. It is unknown when it will be presented. However, according to the information provided, YouTube Music icons have been in the testing phase for about two months.

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