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Top 9 Horror Movies in Cinema History

by tenderpuls
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We’ve gotten used to posting the best of movies, but what are the worst movies? Especially in horror movies, poorly made productions can really annoy people. Let’s examine the worst horror movies altogether.

Horror movies We love it very much, but some of them really do not go beyond making people laugh or kill people from boredom. The horror industry may be among the most popular and cheapest productions to make. Dark environment, two fog machines, “röeaaar“Are you the types who jump out, fear? It didn’t happen…

Let’s put it this way, especially the horror movies of a period, who do not want to be caught in the radar Vehicle drivers may still be shaking in the rearview mirror. He’s seen such bad movies that we don’t know how these eyes can tell you. You know the bad can be the worst, the lousy so to speak, but some CDIf you have something, do not even hang it on the rearview mirror of the vehicle, so if you hang that CD there, please sit down and read this article again.

There are also people who love it, but dear brother, dear: Final Destination

You are making a movie called The Final Destination, placing high school characters here. But is it not a human being? Is this film’s producer or director is everyone a psychopath? Think about it, I watched it at the cinema when it came out. Only people in the movie with very psychopathic means is happening. What is killing? It’s not certain. Why are they dying? It’s not certain. They are just like that, the coyote team, the types who always act as vagrants, probably die from him, but with such psychopathic methods, it makes them say “enough now”. Come on, you made the first movie, made a good income, but at least you hadn’t continued the series. This series is not the criminality you know, or fear or anything.


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Don’t be fooled by the IMDb score: The Village

You got up in 2004 and made a movie. You inflated the incredible movie in the trailers, it’s okay. Do not give in IMDB 6.5, brother anymore. Look, wherever you go in the world, everybody calls this movie “horror”, as it came out in the same way when the movie was released. But this movie is the tipp you know. If you say I am very bored, I have to watch something or something, then you will not be watched even then. What is it, sir, we are against technology, there is a wonderful village environment. Among them, the great ones are always scarce. “Go to the place”. Not really nice. If Scooby Doo and his crew come They would solve the incident in this village in 2 days. This is the movie.


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The idea that the domain name “fear.com” was purchased just to be withdrawn: Feardotcom

Look guys, for this movie, the guys went and bought fear.com on time, they bought feardotcom.com. If they still held the two domains they bought instead of shooting this movie, it is worth 2 domains today, the cost of this movie, the shooting, the actor costs it would have been more valuable. It was such a logical investment, you imagine.

We have a maniac in the film, he shares the murders he committed as a psychopath on a site called Fear.com, and our cops try to catch this maniac. By the way, if there weren’t any stupid movies like this “SAW” series It wouldn’t have turned out to be anything else, but it’s a seriously infamous movie. Let me tell you that if they give it for free, I will not buy a CD and hang it in my car.


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Ghost Ship, which opens as a horror movie and shows brutality:

Look, there is an opening scene to the movie, at least 30 people die instantly in a few seconds. Guys, horror is one thing, brutality is another. This movie is outright brutal. There is no other definition. Come on, someone who wrote the script brought it. I wonder if the production company never said, “My friend, is your mental health right?” he. This movie is a direct gore movie it’s just like Final Destination. Horror movie concept very misunderstood between 2000-2002 in my opinion.


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What should aliens do so they don’t have paranormal stuff like us: The Boy

You can criticize this movie for weeks, months, and even years. Someone also does not say that how did you shoot the second of this movie? No, the bad thing is, we think the toy is groaning throughout the movie, but it turns out There is someone seriously behindlives inside the walls. There are so many logical mistakes that I wouldn’t know, I didn’t know if this is what you call a horror movie.


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Throughout the film, we kept waiting and waiting for the real event: Paranormal Activity

Put 6 security cameras at home, buy 2 Go Pro, do you have Paranormal Activity. The BBG concept is adapted to the horror movie world that the BBG can be more scary, people get together and beat up and so on … In the US before the Paranormal Activity series. many TV shows with similar concepts had.

So they go to the nation’s house, wear a camera, watch or something, then skeptics and believers try to understand if there is a soul in the house. Now, you say, let’s dare and adapt it to the cinema, when it has been done, we understand that it is so bad in credibility that here are the actor people. I wish it didn’t happen Paranormal Activity 750If we know you will not publish.


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More fantasy than horror: Thir13en Ghosts

Autumn in our country 13. Released as a ghost It is an interesting and a fantastic movie. While we could digest the fantasy part to a tiny bit, we couldn’t digest the horror part at all. Calling this movie horror breaks the heart of horror productions. We are all used to the legendary ghosts concept, but it is not in the ghost that spits openly in the mouth of the man who distracts so badly. Sorry but this is not a horror movie.


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The horror story on Dandik YouTube channels: The Omen

We re-enter the concept of the son of the devil from a different angle. The child is such a devil’s son writes 666 in the head so think of the devil’s son. They wanted to give 666 messages by publishing the film on 06.06.2006, they put it in our eyes so much. By the way, the movie entered IMDB as Horror and then removed from the Horror category, so horror… The movie, which loaded expectations with the trailer, cannot go beyond boring because it is quite empty in terms of content. Don’t watch it like fear. It would be great to open The Omen if you want something to come back instead of working with a fireplace on the TV.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch II

Now it may be interesting to write and write and delete this movie many times, but it is not possible to understand the subject of the movie. While it was a great success to shoot 80s quality movies in the 2000s, this is something else. If you say let’s watch old horror movies or something, don’t watch this again. Let me warn you if you want to watch it with a madness, watch it. There are such witches in the movie “jumping on the bed or something” witchcraft direct. This movie also needs Scooby Doo.

I can’t go without mentioning in the finale, the barking shark Jaws, House of Dead, House of Wax, other House of movies you can think of, The Leprechaun, Zombie Nation, and so on, this list goes on and on so long. Our request from you is please share with us the worst horror movies you’ve watched in the comments. In this way, you have expanded the list.

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