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Movies Cult Out of Disgrace # 1: Birdemic

by tenderpuls

Some films go down in history as they are close to perfection in almost every aspect, and they share the top positions in the best movies lists. Movies in this series are not like that. They’re so bad that at some point you don’t leave the screen just to experience the head of that movie.

Everybody talks about good movies. As Webtekno for you bad but has a style of its own In this series where we talk about movies, we consider the best bad movies, the productions that hit the bottom of disgrace and became cult with their absurdity.

The first of such movies, a bad movie masterpiece Birdemic. Addressing a disaster with birds Birdemic: Terror and ShockJames N’guyen only shot with a budget of 10 thousand dollars. The acting or something is bad anyway, and the visual effects may be due to the director’s nephew who went to elementary school 3.

First of all, let’s give the trailer of our movie

For those who do not understand anything from the trailer, let me summarize: Probably sleeping with Ayn Raynd’s novel Atlas Shrugged, an employee in Silicon Valley pursuing their dreams. Rod (Alan Bagh)Early in the movie, she gets closer to a model girl she taught together in college. Then the mutant birds come and turn the beautiful town where they live into hell.

Alan Bagh, who starred in the movie, Parks & Recreation and Pretty Little Liars It is normal that you do not remember, even though he has appeared in such productions as well, because he is an extra who appears in one scene in both productions. This information must contain enough information about the level of the players.

So do the problems in the movie end with this? No. The movie wouldn’t be doing here if it stayed that long.

The set crew also spills

The movie is an incredibly low-budget production and there is no proper equipment, no talented employees. Lottery over there “Webtekno Films“Let’s get 10 people for the film crew, with zero experience. we can’t take any worse than this. There is a person who could not make a proper video at collective events, they made that person a cameraman in this production. The framing is distorted for no reason.

My build is probably a no sounderLet’s not get into the topic of boom or something anyway. In the movie, people’s conversations always come from a distance because the microphone on the camera is used. Today’s smartphones are the equipment used to shoot this movie. a more sophisticated cinema equipment. I don’t know what to say to visual effects anyway.

Thus, we have shown the bar (if you do not understand from the trailer) what you should expect from the production in a visual / auditory sense.

So what does Birdemic: Shock and Terror tell?


The director’s starting point is the master of horror cinema. Alfred Hitchcock The movie Birds, a 1963 masterpiece. Compared to that Kuşlar, Birdemic takes place closer to Yaşar’s song Kuşlar. The film does not pass without mentioning current issues. Standard one In our production that started like a romantic movieRod, the most lousy white-collar in the world, cuts off the role by pretending to understand words that he doesn’t understand because he doesn’t open and read. Do not look at what I said he is cutting the role, he does not pose so elegantly and put the role on it, he cuts it with lines.

At the beginning of the movie, everything is too good to be true. Main man Rod, is rolling up its sleeves to grab a big bonus and set up their dream venture. Her friend from the university she started to meet again during this period, my main daughter Nathalie (Whitney Moore) is also selected as a Victoria’s Secret model.

The two go to a motel to experience their love. Because although you have as much money as the world according to the scenario, as a result, the place is drawn according to the budget of the production. Don’t you have rich friends either, you’re in Hollywood that much, friend. If you request If you said you would do PR to support indie productions, I guess somebody would let you shoot for 15 minutes in one room. Big and big people aren’t donkeys? If they say there is no horror movie without a motel, it is separate.

What if something happened to these birds?


First on the right, on the left who gets the news of forest firesThese two goods that see dead birds or something on the beach, “Something is wrong here” they go to the motel without saying. If you go on vacation today as a millionaire and a model, On the beach in front of an unidentified motel If you see dozens of dead birds, you would not live your love there. If you are living, you have to be a special kind of mental patient or something.

Fortunately, when our characters are foolish, an eagle comes to the window of the place and awakens ours. These eagles cross mountains and blow houses, Since they have received family upbringing He does not enter the bedroom with the curtains closed.

Is there a movie with two people? No way.


No horror movie with two people. Because anyone who has watched more than 3 movies knows that the main characters will not die. That’s why we need to add expendable characters to our story so that the tension rises. For this, too, the old Marine Corps Ramsey and his girlfriend Becky participating. They also find children: those who lost their parents to birds. Susan and Tony.

Our team, this town is yours, this town is mine by running from the birds Dr. Jones trying to reach the scientist named. He is a scientist who studies this phenomenon and points out global warming as the cause of the problem. With almost no thought over his character Becky killed by birds on this journey.

Old marines Ramsey He heroically dies while fighting to save a bus full of tourists. Because, as we saw in the movie, our team trying to chase eagles and vultures with the clothes hanger you know, Against mutant birds that spew acid and explode does not know how to fight. As a result, Ramsey dies from acid along with tourists. But I can’t tell how to die. I have an idea about the reaction of the actors who are told how to die in the following scene:

Nathalie herself comes up for a moment to save her main male character and tourists.What if they are already dead? ” he convinces. Rod’s acting here is Leeks chopped in cooking videos under a click.

Our team that continues on the road is on the way Tom hill He meets a nature lover named. Hill’s job is to explain just how bad global warming is. Come from the forest “Birds always haunt the cars, they don’t do anything in the forest” Hill says, throwing his tirade and returning to the forest with his magnificent wig. Seeing another forest fire, the team immediately goes on the road.

Where did you go to go?


The team escapes to another beach that looks like they’ve been coming. Here to rest and even settle down they decide. Rod is fishing for the family’s food. They will cook the whole fish, the birds come and haunt once more.

For the crew who escaped to their car at the last moment This is the end of the road we say what’s that Gandalf the White comes from the east at the dawn of the fifth day. White pigeons doing the same job, though not Gandalf, are involved. Pigeons, towards the ocean driving mutant birds. This is how the movie ends.

You can watch the movie for free on YouTube. Since this movie is known as the best bad movie, the team shot the second one too, if you say I can bear it, be halal.

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