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Malware Discovered Dangerous for Android

by tenderpuls

Cybersecurity experts have detected a new malware that is affecting the Android ecosystem. This app, called “FlixOnline”, which looks like a copy of Netflix, focused on WhatsApp accounts and redirected users to a fake website that was a copy of Netflix. It is not known how many users the malware affects.

Software experts, who continue to work within the cyber security company called Check Point Research, have detected a malware that has managed to bypass Google’s security tests and can cause huge problems in the Android ecosystem. “FlixOnlineThis malware named “” accesses WhatsApp on the devices it is downloaded from and belongs to a website claiming to have free access to users’ contacts and groups on WhatsApp, Netflix content. was sending a link. As you can imagine, this link is a copy of Netflix, created by hackers. malicious was redirecting to a website.

Malware discovered by security experts was also reported to Google officials. Google took action on this, FlixOnline They removed it from Google Play Store. Fortunately, the app, which has been available for a while, has not been very popular and has reached around 500 downloads. However, how many users are affected by this malware? unknown exactly.

That app you should avoid if you see it on third-party sources, even if it’s not in the Google Play Store

When we look at the information on the Google Play Store page of the application, FlixOnline’s Copy of Netflix We can say it looks like. However, the emphasis that this application is free and the details such as the application logo appear to be stolen can make you understand that FlixOnline is malicious. Although the app is no longer on the Google Play Store, cybersecurity experts third party sources They warn that they can make them available through either new names.


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Making statements about the malware they detected Check Point Research Aviran Hazum, one of the officials, says FlixOnline has a simple but effective structure. Explaining that the application focuses on notifications from WhatsApp, Hazum declares that automatic messages can be sent through these notifications and that it is aimed to attack more users. According to Hazum, the malware was able to bypass Google’s firewalls so easily, that the danger is not over a clear indication.

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