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Lord of the Rings Russian Made Version Released

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Yüzüklerin Efendisi’nin Rus Yapımı Versiyonu 30 Yıl Sonra YouTube'da Yayınlandı

30 years ago The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was originally adapted for television by the Soviet Union. The movie, which was re-uploaded to YouTube last week, was greeted with great sympathy by Lord of the Rings fanatics around the world.

British writer JRR Tolkien legendary masterpiece Lord of the Rings series for the silver screen 2001 in the year Peter jackson It attracted great attention when it was adapted by. Those who did not even know the titles of the books were largely Lord of the Rings fans. The oldest known production of The Lord of the Rings 1978 in the year The Lord of the Rings named animated movie was known to be. However, it was thought that the only production shot as a “movie” was shot in 2001.

The color of the work has changed a lot with a television movie that appeared last week. Turns out Soviet Union 30 years first made the first Lord of the Rings movie. Russian Lord of the Rings fans are very happy about this, and their country may have really done the first. In 1991 Leningrad TelevisionThe film, shot and broadcast in the studio, was only able to meet the audience once and was then taken off the air.

The fact that the author is British could be a big reason for his abolition

As you know, the Soviet Union From the British and anti-American It is thought that the movie may have been taken off the air because of it. Due to lack of budget, the movie was shot under very difficult conditions. Portraying Aragorn in the film Andrey Tenetko In his statements to Gazeta.ru, he states that the idea to shoot the film belongs to the director Natalya Serebryakova.

Tenetko His explanation continues as follows; “For example, we have miraculously managed to uncover some costumes and details in warehouses. People brought something of their own. Operators also had to perform miracles of creativity. Yes, the budget was limited. Of course it doesn’t look like in the movie, but we tried to tell the story. We didn’t focus on exterior design. After all, it was a game, not a movie. Everything in the movie must be real, or they won’t believe it. Relativity is still possible in the theater. he explains.

The cast of The Lord of the Rings Soviet Union:

  • Frodo: Valeriy Dyachenko
  • Bilbo: Georgiy Shtil
  • Aragorn: Andrey Tenetko
  • Gandalf: Viktor Kostetskiy
  • Galadriel: Yelena Solovey
  • Director: Natalya Serebryakova
  • Music: Dusha Romanov

Fantastic productions were not featured in the movie during the period. That’s why the Russian audience is actually Lord of the Rings he liked the series very much. TenetkoAccording to him, those who loved the books really loved the movie, however, there was so little criticism that the production was really hugely successful for the period.

Although there are major shortcomings in terms of costumes and designs, Lord of the Rings It is described as a major undertaking for the Soviet Union. Of course YouTubeActors of the period also became the center of attention thanks to the movie that appeared in. Wherever you look at it, it’s sure to be great news for Lord of the Rings lovers.

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