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LeBron or Michael Jordan?

by tenderpuls

LeBron James, nominated for the throne of Michael Jordan, will appear in a Space Jam movie just like the Chicago Bulls legend. Let’s compare which player is the bigger Space Jam star.

Although it is not the most popular sport in any country in the world, it is among the most popular sports almost everywhere. the pinnacle of basketball no doubt the NBA. Especially in the 90s, one of the names that introduced the NBA to the world and determined it as the peak of this sport Michael jordan is coming.

Selected All-Star 14 times and 6 championship rings Let me explain how great Jordan is, since then Chicago has never been champion again, but even today, globally. among the most popular teams takes place. LeBron James is compared to His Highness Michael Jordan in terms of being the best in basketball by many authorities. 16-time All-Star James, too 4 rings has.

  • NOTE: Space Jam’s sequel to LeBron James will be in theaters on July 14, 2021. However, the trailer released for the movie gave us enough information to write this content. When the movie is released, we will make a comparison and share with you again.

Let’s come to the Space Jam matches

First of all, let’s say that Space Jam has renewed the site on the original domain of Warner Bros. for its new movie. They moved the original site, which has remained unchanged for about 24 years, to the address https://www.spacejam.com/1996. So we still have access to this internet antiquity.

Let’s recap for those who don’t remember or watch the first Space Jam movie. Tiny creatures from outer space want to kidnap Looney Tunes. Looney Tunes also beckons them to a basketball game. To yourself afterwards Monstarz The Looney Tunes characters kidnap Michael Jordan to help them, while encountering gigantic monsters who gave his name and stole the skills of NBA’s legendary players. Match Jordan and Looney Tunes wins, cartoon characters survive, Jordan makes his friends regain their power.

As far as we understand from the trailer in the new movie LeBron James, He goes on a match to save his kidnapped son. Years later in this match, he comes to the field with a team of Looney Tunes characters. Let’s come to the comparison of the two giants as we see:



Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls during their successive championships was the leader. He was such a leader that later he went and became a buddy with Kim Jong-Un, the Dictator of North Korea. Even Dennis Rodman is a freak acknowledging Jordan’s dominance on the field. A similar situation existed in the first Space Jam movie. His Majesty managed to get the best out of his cast in that movie, he even managed to take advantage of Tweety, one-fourth the size of the ball, and fired his team at halftime.

In LeBron James as far as we saw in the first trailer there is not such a developed leadership qualification. It is even possible to see that he was belittling his players at first. His teammates approach the team leader, embarrassed by their mere presence. Shame on you, LeBron, does it suit you to break their hearts?

Team setup

team setup

It is important to have good players, but getting the best from the players you have more important. This is the way you do whatever you do, no matter if you do in-class project homework, the situation doesn’t change. Against giant monsters with the powers of NBA stars Sometimes Will E. Coyote uses his explosive knowledge and coyote, and occasionally Tweety’s surprises.

As far as we can see in the trailer, LeBron is generally To the beard in the days of Houstan He seems to prefer to connect and use each ball himself. To see how successful this will be, take a look at the number of championship rings Harden won with the Rockets.



At this point, both of our leading roles are among them. that there is not much difference We see. It looks like both Michael Jordan and LeBron James will learn about the conditions of the world they live in and how the game is played on the court during the match. Since Ha LeBron’s scene is a reference to the first film, it should not be scrutinized too much. The shock of LeBron’s transformation into a cartoon character With a beating over in 1.3 seconds It is possible to say that he looks ahead in this respect.

Space Jam is not like an All-Star match

Space Jam

In recent years NBA All-Star matches If you followed, you will now see that the two captains selected take turns choosing from the player pool. In these struggles, LeBron chooses to choose the most animal, the most corrupt team to choose. Who was on LeBron’s team this year: Giannis the so-called horseman who shot three pointers like a roasted chickpea Curry and Lillard, The new star from Europe Doncic

In the above scene in the trailer, LeBron’s dream team selection We see. No squad: Superman, Gandalf, Iron Giant, King Kong… We can see that he wants to make “you” a big top five in NBA terms. (We don’t know exactly what Gandalf will do on the field, but the man who beats the Balrog probably won’t bite the three or five creatures) Well, who were among the other stars (!) In Michael Jordan’s team: Bill Murray and Newman in Seinfeld.

Space Jam: A New Legacy movie On July 16 will be released. It should be noted that Diana Taurasi, who was announced to take part in the production where we will see various NBA stars, also wears Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray jerseys in our country.

Highlights in the trailer:

  • The floor where LeBron and his son got off the elevator As ALG showing. The villain played by Don Cheadle is called Al G Rhythm.
  • In Warner’s main driver, all of the company’s brands appear to be separate planets. Especially DC worldEmerald City and Westeros manage to attract attention.
  • Of LeBron Looney Tunes among the worlds in the device used in the scene where he is thrown into his world Hogwarts There are places such as. Orbit City is Jetsons where he lives. One of the other things I caught was the stone bed of Flintstones, one was GoT’s Westeros.
  • The ones on the good side of the audience gathering around the field Hannah Barbera good characters we saw in cartoons and WB series. On the other hand is a team Batman villains There are a lot of bad characters, especially. It is also a nice detail that the Mask is right in the middle. This scene is technically a giant surprise egg, as the number of people watching the match is more than 800 thousand.

Space Jam: A New Legacy “I watched a movie, my life changed” nobody expects him to say. Watching a cheerful and tidy movie is our only expectation in this pandemic. WB already earned many times more from this production. from toys will take out. Let’s ask the really important question: Do you think LeBron or Jordan?

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