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How Do You Know If Your Facebook Account Has Been Stolen?

by tenderpuls

It goes without saying that there is no more Facebook data breach. Facebook’s name, which has a criminal record on this issue, has recently been involved in another data breach scandal. There is a website where users can find the answer to the question of whether my Facebook account was stolen. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

For the last few years we’ve been waking up every morning, washing our faces and Let’s see which of our data Facebook has sold or stolen today we look at the news. Most of the time we get it right because Facebook, data breach has now become a world brand in its field. We recently learned that the account information of 533 million users worldwide was stolen and published on different platforms.

We do not know how many scandals are going on, but let’s think about ourselves. Users after every news Has my Facebook account been stolen He can’t sleep thinking that. Now you can sleep comfortably because there is a website called Have I Been Pwned that shows if your information has been stolen by searching your e-mail and phone number. We explained in detail how to find out if your personal information is safe.

How can I find out if my Facebook account has been stolen?

  • Step # 1: Open the Have I Been Pwned website from here.
  • Step # 2: Type in your e-mail address or phone number.
  • Step # 3: pwned? Click the button.
  • Step # 4: You will see if your information has been stolen.
  • Step # 5: The process is done.

Step # 1: Open the Have I Been Pwned website:

Have I Been Pwned, experienced on major digital platforms worldwide on data breach scandals has a database. When you type in your e-mail address or mobile phone number, it performs a quick scan just like a search engine and comes up with matching results. If the scandals continue like this, it will become our daily routine to check if my account is stolen from here.

Step # 2: Type in your e-mail address or phone number:

Have I Been Pwned, cell phone

In order to check if my account has been stolen through Have I Been Pwned, I can use it on different social media platforms or websites, especially Facebook. via your registered e-mail address or mobile phone number you can search. You can search all the e-mail addresses you have. There is no limit.

When making calls with a mobile phone, you need to pay attention to a small detail because the platform requires an international version of the phone numbers. Mobile phones used in our country Its code in the international area is + 9. So you need to write your mobile phone number as +90 555 555 55 55, but combined.

Step # 3: pwned? Click the button:

Have I Been Pwned, email address

After you write your e-mail address or mobile phone number registered on any social media platform or website with an international code to initiate a data breach search pwned? Just click the button. Depending on the search intensity, you can wait a few seconds for the result.

Step # 4: You will see if your information has been stolen:

Oh no - pwned!

When the result you expect comes out by holding your breath The first thing that catches your attention will be the color of the screen. If the email address or mobile phone number you searched for is involved in any data breach scandal, the screen will turn red, if not involved in any data breach scandal, the screen will turn green.

Good news – no pwnage found! Congratulations if you see the text, yet Facebook does not have your account stolen. But Oh no – pwned! If you see the text, get well soon. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see in which data breach scandal your e-mail account or mobile phone number has been compromised and on which platform.

Good news - no pwnage found!

What can I do if my account has been stolen?

has my account been stolen

First of all, don’t panic. Get well soon, but because we made a very fast transition to today’s digital world Even large platforms and websites like Facebook they still don’t have a strong enough digital safety net. Therefore, we need to get used to, but not accept, such data breach scandals.

First, see which platform or website your personal data has been obtained and go to that platform immediately. Organize your personal information. Set yourself a new and much stronger password, change your e-mail address if you can, and add a new mobile number if you can.

If the platform where your account information is stolen is not a must-have platform such as Facebook delete your subscription. When using such platforms that you do not trust, you can use 10minutemail and similar short-term e-mail service platforms. You will both get your job done and prevent such possible losses in the future.

Digital security measures you should pay attention to:

digital security

First of all, do not share your personal data with social media platforms and websites that you do not trust. Ok, Facebook was not an untrustworthy platform but are likely to steal your data visually do not trust anywhere.

Set yourself a very strong and unique password. On each social media platform and website Let the password you use be different. Even if it is a little confusing, if at least one goes, you will save the other. To avoid password confusion, you can use password manager mobile applications or you can choose to take notes with the old method, paper and pen.

The sine qua non digital security measure is the two-factor authentication method. Almost all social media platforms are now two-factor authentication offers service. In this way, when your account is attempted to be compromised, malicious people who do not know the second password will not be able to access your account.

What happens to the stolen Facebook data?


Facebook is known to sell user data in previous data breach scandals. In the last scandal data allegedly stolen. So why is all this data being sold or stolen? It is known that the data sold by Facebook is used for advertising purposes and causes many manipulations. The usage area of ​​the stolen data is darker.

It is known that stolen email addresses are used for things like account reset. Likewise, these data to impersonate others or access login information for different accounts can also be used. Pishing attacks can also be done using stolen data. So the consequences of such a big hit could be much worse.

Has my Facebook account been stolen showing whether the information of users who are sleepy has been stolen How to use the Have I Been Pwned site, We answered curious questions such as how to ensure digital security, what happens to the stolen data. We hope that we will no longer have to prepare such content.

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