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GTA 5 Comes to Smartphones with Xbox Game Pass

by tenderpuls

GTA 5, which will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on April 8, will also support playing on smartphones via the cloud. In this way, players will have the opportunity to play the original version of GTA 5 on their Android phone or tablet. This may make Rockstar Games enthusiastic for its other games as well.

In a news we shared with you about 1 year ago, GTA 5of trying to be brought to mobile devices by a fan we mentioned. Today, we are again with the same issue. However, this time GTA 5 will come to mobile devices, any not fan made. The original of the game will be played on mobile devices via the cloud on Xbox Game Pass.

As a matter of fact, GTA 5, in the period January-May 2020 Xbox Game Pass It was available to its users. However, players could not access GTA 5 from their smartphones at that time. 8 AprilIn, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to access GTA 5 via Android phones or tablets.

Microsoft servers are in danger

Rockstar Games and Microsoft’s GTA 5 move is the kind that will excite many players. However, such a situation is the Microsoft of GTA 5, which is actively played by millions of players even today. will corner it. Because as of April 8, players will be able to access GTA Online via Xbox Games Pass. Consequently this situation Microsoft to their servers It will be a serious burden, but the company has probably already begun to take action.


EA Play Included with Xbox Game Pass at No Extra Cost

Meanwhile, Microsoft last month used Xbox Game Pass for games that can be played on the cloud. 1080p tested the image quality. If there was no problem in the tests, we can say that GTA 5 can be played in 1080p image quality on smartphones. Also, this kind of move, especially Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 can be enthusiastic for. Perhaps gamers will be able to access Red Dead Redemption 2 on Android phones in the next few months.

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