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Genshin Impact Is Boycotted By The Players

by tenderpuls

Genshin Impact, a popular free RPG game, began to be boycotted months after its release, with an unknown origin. The game is accused of racism against Native Americans and people with dark skin.

Chinese game studio in September 2020 miHoYo presented to gamers as a free RPG game Genshin ImpactIt is not known exactly how it started about 7 months after publication. boycott He’s caught in the middle of his campaign. Gamers use the Genshin Impact and therefore its developer, miHoYo. racism they accuse it with a heavy accusation like.

As we mentioned above, it is not known exactly how the boycott campaign started, but “#boycottgenshinimpactTwitter has become a trend in a short time and has made the issue reach more people. The tweet that received the most interaction in the said tag is a reference shared by a user named moved to IN7MAKIS and constitutes a reference to the accusation of racism. video happened.

A graphic designer working at miHoYo designed Hilichurls, one of the main “villains” of Genshin Impact, in this video that is only 1 second long. American IndiansIt seemed to be referenced. Of course, the Hilichurls character in the game is not directly identified as Native American or has the exact Native American appearance, but that the character costume resembles It would not be wrong to say.

What’s interesting is that when miHoYo designed the Hilichurls, it didn’t hide what they really drew from Native American inspiration. Because the video shared by Twitter user to accuse Genshin Impact of racism is the video that miHoYo shared last October, 6 months ago and introducing the game studio a clip from the video. (You can see the scene in 1 minute and 30 seconds of the video below)

Another controversy about the game is that the character of Xinyan, who has a darker skin color than most of the characters in Genshin Impact, “exoticTo be defined as ”. To some players this description, dark skinned it is nothing more than a racism against people. Some say that this definition stems from a mistake made during translation from Chinese to English, that the word “exotic” originally came to Asia from a different geography “immigrantThey express that it is used to mean.

genshin impact xinyan

The #boycottgenshinimpact hashtag has received thousands of posts on Twitter so far, and indeed a lot of players have accused people of racism in this free RPG game. invites to boycott. However, with the said tag, those who invite people to boycott extreme sensitivity There is also a segment that thinks it shows.

Genshin Impact on Reddit and It’s stupid to boycott miHoYo a signifying userStating that Genshin Impact has done a successful job in the representation of different cultures; of people’s developer team to increase the variety in the game He states that he should appreciate his effort.

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