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Benchmark Video Microsoft Ignores iPad Pro

by tenderpuls

Microsoft compared the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 7 in the latest video it published. Interesting comparison video picks up the Surface Pro 7, without mentioning almost nothing of the iPad Pro.

One of the largest technology companies in the world Microsoft, a new tablet model in a new video published on the YouTube channel recently Surface Pro 7 with the newest iPad ProThe video, which is only 30 seconds long, mentions their superficial properties rather than comparing products in detail, as you can imagine. In fact, while listing the features of Microsoft Surface Pro 7, it is a good place to say that the features of the iPad Pro are skipped.

We can say that Microsoft almost ignores its competitor in the comparison made on design, connectivity, power and price, respectively. Surface Pro 7 leaving rival The video, which briefly touches on almost all of its features, does not explain almost any of the iPad Pro’s features. As a result, Surface Pro said, “no special”It becomes a better choice than its opponent.

Starting the comparison with the stand addon on the back of the Surface Pro 7, Microsoft shows that the iPad Pro does not have such a plug-in. As a second comparison, the iPad Pro’s keyboard attachment is compared with the Surface Pro 7’s keyboard attachment, and the “weight” of the iPad Pro keyboard is mentioned. By the way, the iPad Pro keyboard is only 90 grams heavier, but the Surface Pro is 150 grams heavier than its competitor. Surface Pro 7 is a heavier device.

As the second comparison, the Surface Pro shows many ports, while the iPad Pro only has one port. Wireless connectivity options If it were not found, we could say that Microsoft had won in this matter.


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Microsoft makes its most surprising comparison in the power part. Stating that the iPad Pro is only a tablet, the company states that the Surface Pro 7 is both a PC and a tablet. Microsoft’s devices that tablets can never replace PCs We can say that this is a very interesting statement when we think that there is a company that says that it is.

Microsoft’s iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 7 comparison video

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