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YouTube Increases Flexibility With Inappropriate Language

by tenderpuls

YouTube, which has removed the ability to make money from videos with inappropriate language, announced that it has brought a little more flexibility to this issue with its new announcement. The company detailed and illustrated how creators can use expressions.

If you are a creator on YouTube and want to monetize the content you create, the language you use and the content in the video you need to pay attention. Because YouTube, in its videos Contain inappropriate language (heavy swearing or slang words) does not allow content. This policy has even enabled thousands of YouTube creators to be removed from the platform for excessive profanity and other guideline violations.

Unless very heavy swearing and slang words are used in the videos, content producers do not face harsh sanctions, only for their content. they were getting money to earn. If the platform is in its post today, it is a question of swearing and slang. decision to bring flexibility announced that he bought it. In the post shared on the YouTube Help platform, it was reported that the changes made to the policy have started to be implemented since the beginning of this month.

YouTube has decided to be a little more flexible:

The company that updates the content rules suitable for advertisers, “Based on creator and advertiser feedback, we updated our guidelines to ensure that more content is eligible for full monetization (green icon) while maintaining advertiser industry standards.“he used the expression.

With the changing policy, content producers, in the first 30 seconds It will allow adult themes presented in the context of humor and through moderate use of profanity. To see some sample expressions that the company allows for use in video and images of the video to this link You can reach the relevant YouTube Help page by clicking.


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On the other hand, the company; law enforcement, recreational drugs, and drug-related content, sensitive events, documentary or news content that it has also expanded the subject of making money explained. It was also announced that monetization was expanded in videos featuring objective discussions on controversial issues. With all these changes “Games and monetizationThe policy titled “has also been updated.

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