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Turkey E-Trade Volume Rises to 226 billion TL

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Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, presented new data on the increase in the volume of e-commerce in Turkey. With the pandemic period, drawing attention to the increasing volume of e-commerce in Turkey is greater than the predicted growth, he said.

Growing e-commerce volume all over the world with the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic 2020 In also showed large increases in Turkey. Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Trade, “As of 2020, the volume of e-commerce in our country has increased by 66 percent compared to 2019, from 136 billion lira to 226 billion 200 million lira” said. In the program held at the ministry building, the minister announced the e-commerce data for 2020, 25-34 He stated that users aged between the ages use e-commerce more frequently.

Minister; He stated that the E-commerce information platform and E-commerce Academy of the Ministry of Commerce were used by 48 thousand people in 2020 and that 61 thousand people found answers to their questions in the E-Commerce Consultant robot. An increasing number of enterprises engaged in e-commerce in Turkey in 2019 68 thousand 457 Stating that this number is 256 thousand 861 He states that he is starting to operate. It also reveals the supply-demand situation in Turkey demonstrate.

Rise from 136 billion TL to 226 billion TL

136 billion TL in 2019 e-commerce volumeRose to 226 billion TL in 2020. Minister Pekcan this; “ As of 2020, the volume of e-commerce in our country increased by 66 percent compared to 2019, and increased from 136 billion lira to 226 billion 200 million lira.In 2020, the number of orders increased by 68 percent compared to 2019, from 1 billion 366 million to 2 billion 297 million. Of the e-commerce amount recorded in 2020; 91.4 percent with 207 billion lira from domestic spending, 4.2 percent with 9.3 billion lira from spending made by other countries from our country’s e-commerce sites, 4.4 percent with 9.9 billion lira. As can be seen, the retail share in total e-commerce in our country is at the level of 64 percent. he explained.


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with growing young population in Turkey, the expansion of e-commerce volume is seen as a great opportunity for many businesses. But ascending e-commerce volume adversely affects advertisers. With increasing competition in the ad market, advertisers have %one hundred they are faced with increasing costs per unit. While adaptation to e-commerce increased rapidly during the epidemic period, now digitized “e-commerce” is seen as the only option of traders in the world.

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