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The Last of Us Drama Starts in July

by tenderpuls

While the cast of the PlayStation’s most popular production, The Last of Us, was excited by the cast, it became clear that the shooting of the series will begin with the announcement of the Directors Guild of Canada.

According to a statement by the Canadian directors community 5 July 2021 As of date, the filming of The Last of Us Calgary starting in the city. The shooting of the series will continue for an average of 11 months and will be broadcast on HBO at the end of 2022. With a very attractive post-apocalyptic scenario Of The Last of Us almost a the Walking Dead It is expected to create an effect.

game of Thrones and Mandalorianshining star in Pedro pascalAt The Last of Us Joel will revive your character. If it’s Bella Ramsey, who we know as Lyanna Mormont from Game of Thrones. Ellie will give life to your character. Considering how closely HBO is committed to its teams, we can infer that we can surprise many names from Game of Thrones in The Last of Us.

If The Last of Us is coming, when will The Mandalorian be filmed?

Pedro Pascal With joining The Last of Us team, At The Mandalorian It is until 2022. IMDBThe current history of the series in 2022 has been marked as. The Mandalorian series, which is relatively faster to shoot from The Last of Us, is expected to reach the year 2022. Expected to be 8 episodes The Mandalorian season 3 Shooting is expected to be completed in a short time, as each scene is shot in smaller areas. To summarize, a non-stop shooting schedule has already been created for Pedro Pascal after July 5th.


The Last of Us Part 2 broke a record by being nominated in 13 categories at the 2021 BAFTA Awards

The Last of Us, set in 2033; It contains all the elements of “horror, adventure, action and survival”. The film is about the aftermath of an infection where the world “turned into monsters” in a matter of hours. It will be about Joel and Ellie’s experiences. Fireflies Many events happen to the duo, who will join the separatist group named, in this adventure. In the first week 1.3 million copies Interest in the series of the game that sells is expected to be very high.

So what do you think about the new series? Will you watch The Last of Us? Please share with us in the comments.

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