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Spotify Can Now Be Activated by Voice Command

by tenderpuls

Spotify has introduced the ability to run the application with the “Hey Spotify” command, which it started testing a while ago, for some users. This feature allows Spotify to be operated without touching the phone and to listen to any song or podcast.

The most popular online music and podcast platform of recent years Spotifyhad begun testing a new feature some time ago. This feature allowed users to activate the application with a voice command. This feature, which has been tested with a very limited user base in the recent past, is now available to a wider audience. Spotify is under this feature “Hey SpotifyWith the “command, it can be opened without touching the phone.

Some users who opened Spotify recently encountered an in-app notification. Announcing in this notice that the Hey Spotify feature is ready for use, the developers whether to activate they ask. Users who allow this feature to be available, Hey Spotify With the sentence, they can start using the online music platform application.

The notification sent to Spotify users is as follows:

Although Spotify’s voice control feature looks remarkable, users will that you can listen to themselves they think. Actually, this is not a very wrong thought. However, Spotify developers note that the application only records the commands “Hey Spotify” and afterwards, In the privacy policy regarding the use of voice data they make it clear.


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Meanwhile, Spotify’s built-in voice control feature is already available. However, the application could not be activated with voice commands until now. This feature allows the application to be started with voice commands. Thus, users, their phones in your hands even without taking They can start using Spotify. It is currently unknown when the feature will reach all users.

In the meantime, you can reach the Spotify Podccast broadcast with Barış Özcan from the link below.


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