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Google’s Advertising Transferring Data from Banana to Phone [Video]

by tenderpuls

Google transferred data from a banana to a Pixel phone and shared footage of the entry-level karate lesson in its new YouTube commercial. Probably Google was aiming to go viral with the ad in question, but it caused a question mark in the minds of more viewers.

One of the largest technology companies in the world GoogleAlthough it is at the center of the smartphone industry with its Android operating system, it cannot be said that Pixel series smartphones are very popular. Nevertheless, with the commercials it publishes, Google Pixel against models one sympathy seems to be trying to create.

Google, which recently released a new commercial, was switching from a different smartphone to Google Pixel phones in the film in question. the “ease” of transferring data from old phone to new Pixel phone takes into focus. However, Google will want the commercial in question to be “viral”, which is using an interesting way to explain this feature.

Google transmits data from a banana to Pixel phone in the commercial, yeah

During the first 30 seconds of the video, the installation steps of the Google Pixel are shown, from this moment on, the old phone (!) From which the data was taken begins to be shown. However, in the video, the “thing” that the Google Pixel is connected to is not a smartphone. banana. Google’s use of “banana” instead of a different smartphone, Apple’s name from a fruit. A reference to iPhone models we can guess.

What is more interesting is that Google’s entry-level commercial in the said commercial. images of karate lesson added. Probably Google thought that with these small additions the video would become more engaging, but to be honest, even the idea of ​​copying data from a banana to a smartphone sounded like a from adding images of karate lesson to the smartphone promotional film sounds like a more logical idea.

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