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ATV Censors the Line “Dollars 4” [Video]

by tenderpuls

ATV once again censored the “dollared 4” line from the movie Mortal World. While the channel did not make a statement on the subject, social media users could not remain silent on the subject.

One of Turkey’s largest television channel ATVDirected by Ali Atay Mortal world He made the action comedy movie titled “ Action Comedy ” before the audience once again last night (April 4). When the movie was released in 2018 “Dollar censorship” The discussions continued when it was posted for the second time.

When the Mortal World brought to the screens for the first time, Oktay’s character played by Alper Kul “Is dollar 4” Censoring its line, ATV repeated the same practice last night. The dollar rate was around 4.3 TL when the movie was first broadcast on ATV screens; this is the second time the movie is on TV screens US $ 8.13 trading levels.

Social media users did not remain indifferent to the cut of the “dollar 4” line yesterday evening, as it was in 2018, and the successive posts about the said “censorship” to trends caused him to enter. Here are some of the censorship of the line “4 dollars in dollars” Shares of Twitter users:

Some posts about the censorship of the line “Dollar 4”

mortal world censorship tweet

mortal world censorship tweet 2

mortal world censorship tweet 3

mortal world censorship tweet 4

Censored version of the “dollar 4” line from the movie Mortal World

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