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The Story of the Open Top Tomb Photo on Google Maps

by tenderpuls

Google Maps displays photographs of two open-topped graves in Portland, USA. But the story behind the photo in question is not as terrifying as the image itself.

The world’s most popular map and navigation service Google Maps, nowadays displays an extremely frightening sight (!). In the above bird’s eye view, there are two tombs that look like they have just been excavated, and inside these tombs, they are dressed in the same way, lying face-to-sky two men looks.

The first to see the photo in question – naturally – Google Maps has not yet been buried. displaying two dead bodies they think. However, the fact that the people lying in the graves have unusual clothes such as jeans and t-shirts, there are no pickaxes / shovels or people around the graves, the photograph is even more strange making.

As a matter of fact, there is a very reasonable explanation for the photo you have seen above, which at first glance seems terrifying. Two people lying in the grave, Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger. performance artist. This performance, held in Basel, Switzerland, “GraveAnd the photo below of this performance was created about 13 years ago. To 1700 euro found a buyer. The photo above is of another performance in Portland, USA.

performance artists

Scott Speh, Director of the Western Exhibition, where the photograph in question is exhibited, explains the photograph as follows; Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger, a married couple, dig a grave side by side according to their height. Performance artists who cut a hole at arm level through the graves towards each other, they can hold hands forever.

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