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Prototype Revealing iPhone 13 Pro Will Have Small Notches

by tenderpuls

A website shared images of a prototype it claims to belong to the iPhone 13 Pro. The shared images make it clear that the notch will shrink in the iPhone 13 family. However, Apple increases the height of the notch while decreasing its width.

One of Japan’s popular supply chain blogs MacotakaraApple has made a remarkable leak regarding the iPhone 13 family of phones that are likely to be announced in the coming months. The blog shared a prototype that it claims to belong to the iPhone 13 Pro, sharing the design features of that prototype. The leak does not explain exactly where the model was accessed, but you will see it soon. telephone prototypewas probably created from technical drawings available to suppliers.

The most criticized detail in the designs of iPhone models is generally notch is happening. If the shared images are real, we can say that Apple has heard of these criticisms and is working accordingly. Because the prototype, which is said to belong to the iPhone 13 Pro, contains a smaller notch compared to the iPhone 12 family. However, the measurements made, even though the notch has shrunk, this time increased height reveals.

Here is the prototype said to belong to the iPhone 13 Pro

According to the information shared by Macotakara, iPhone 13 Pro, 5.35mm high it will come with a notch. This height value was recorded as 5.3 mm in the iPhone 12 family. According to the model The width of the notch of the iPhone 13 Pro is 26.8 mm. it will be. In the iPhone 12 family, this value was 34.83mm. The reason for the increase in height while the width of the notch decreases is that the iPhone 13 Pro’s handset is placed on the upper bezel, not the screen.


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Meanwhile, another point in the information revealed by the prototype has to do with the location of the front camera. According to the model, Apple uses the front camera on the iPhone 13 Pro. to the left of the notch will take. There is no information as to why the front camera placed on the right side of the notch on the iPhone 12 was moved to the left in the upcoming model.

iPhone 13 Pro

The shared prototype is another does not offer details. However, if we need to say a few words about the general design; We can say that the upcoming device will look like the iPhone 12 family in general. In this context, sharp lines and squares on the back of the phone camera setupIt is included in the iPhone 13 family as well. Of course, this camera setup will have a more advanced structure compared to the iPhone 12 family.

A video shared about the iPhone 13 prototype is as follows:

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