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KVKK Launches Review About Facebook Ex officio

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Theft of data belonging to Facebook users continues to be one of the most important issues on the agenda. In this context, while an investigation move came from the Personal Data Protection Board, a company executive separated the stolen data by country. For Facebook users in Turkey, it is not so heartwarming.

One of the most topics of the past weekend, Facebook users it was revealed that his information had been stolen. According to the information obtained, personal data belonging to half a billion users are was put up for sale. Although the Facebook management denied these allegations, the incident took place in the past. said users do not want to use this type of disclosure. they didn’t accept. In addition, as a result of this incident, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s data were also it was claimed.

This event is closely followed by the Turkish authorities. According to the latest information received on the line, the Personal Data Protection Board (KVKK) launched an investigation against Facebook on the matter. This investigation is not surprising because the agency has been attacked by cyberattacks in recent weeks. Food basket‘nor He opened an investigation.

Immerse in the data that Facebook, revealed that many users are from Turkey

According to the information obtained, Facebook’s 533 million users from 106 countries data has been exposed. Alon Gal, who is in charge of the technology unit of a company named Hudson Rock, conducted a detailed research on this subject and determined which countries the users whose data were revealed were from. According to the research, user data stolen by Facebook, mostly US users had affected.


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Facebook, according to Alon Gal’s research, More than 32 million It has lost the data of the US user. The number of compromised users in the UK is over 11 million. Explaining that the data of 6 million users from India was exposed, Gal said. 19 million 638 thousand 821 people are from Turkey announced that his data was stolen. Accordingly, the data of almost one out of every 4 Turkish citizens have been exposed due to Facebook.

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