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Bad News for Those Waiting for a Reduction in Phone Prices

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MOBİSAD President Mustafa Kemal Turnacı made statements that upset those who expect phone prices to drop in all segments with domestic production. According to Turnacı, the price decrease will only occur in the entry segment.

Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi As technology announced they would perform a smart phone manufacturing giant in Turkey, naturally, in a consumer “discount” formed the expectation. In recent days, the factory of Turkey officially inaugurated Xiaomi, will drop the price of models produced in Turkey saying He stated that this expectation of consumers was not wasted.

Statements made by Mustafa Kemal Turnacı, President of the Association of Mobile Communication Tools and Information Technologies Businessmen (MOBİSAD), may greatly upset some consumers who are waiting for a decrease in prices to buy a new smartphone. Because, according to Turnacı generation of smart phones in Turkey it will only lower the prices of entry-level phones.

No price decrease is expected in the middle and upper segment

Stating that the price reduction expectation for smartphones is also reflected in sales, MOBİSAD President, “It may not be reflected in organized retail yet, but especially in line with the information we receive from our dealers. Sales hit the brakes in the middle of March, slowed down “ He said that citizens postponed the purchase of smartphones and continued his statements as follows:

“There are only entry-level model will be produced in Turkey. Citizens in need of middle and upper segments do not have to wait. Prices will not change here. In 2021 5 percent growth in the market can come close. Product options will increase in the lower segment, and this will also be reflected in prices in a competitive environment. The prices of entry-level mobile phones, which are currently sold between 2,500-3,000 TL, have started to decline. “

The local discount on phones under $ 200 has been extended until August “


Speaking about the fact that even entry-level smartphones cannot be sold at budget-friendly prices, Turnacı said that the surveillance certificate requested for devices imported under $ 200 will not be requested from domestic production, the tax costs of the devices will decrease While expressing that phones can be sold at more affordable prices, he continued his words as follows:

“Local discount for pockets under $ 200 has been extended until August. The uncertainty here has been removed and if long-term regulation is announced investors’ appetite increases more. “

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Mürsel Yılmaz, a mobile phone seller in Doğubank İş Hanı, on the subject, “The citizen expected the prices to decrease in all groups. With this expectation, it delayed its need, now we expect the purchases to start as it is released. The most asked Xiaomi “ saying; Selahattin Düzduman, a telephone operator in Karaköy, spoke as follows:

“We recommend locals. Right now we have Samsung and OPPO. Others are also on the way. In OPPO’s domestic model, the price remained above expectations. Cheapest first on the market Samsung. We expect sales to increase in April. “

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